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GSXR fork with Harley 21" Whos done it

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by blackduck889, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. blackduck889

    blackduck889 XS650 Member

    Title says it all. Who's done it and how. I'm aware there is machining, spacers, allballs bearings involved but Im looking for spacer size, which axle used etc.. It seems people start and explain a little on it but then the end result is never finished. Drop your knowledge on me............
  2. buzzword

    buzzword XS650 Addict

    use the GSXR axle

    order 47x25x12 bearings from wherever

    make a 68mm long X 25mm ID spacer for between the bearings from whatever material you want - I used .120 wall 1.25" OD steel tubing

    can't remember the axle spacer dimensions - the gsxr axle has a step down on the left side so the left side spacer is shorter. if memory serves, that side is 12.5mm long X 25mm ID, and the right side is 25mm long X 25mm ID. I used .120 wall 6061 aluminum tubing for those.

    if you search my posting history, I made a thread on it called something like "check my math" -- there's a simple spreadsheet calculator I linked in there, but it didn't account for the step down in the gsxr axle, but the right side is correct. work backwards from there.

    brake rotor spacing is another story. also bear in mind that these numbers are for a stock XS hub - not sure if you're using that or a Harley hub with a 21" rim.
  3. blackduck889

    blackduck889 XS650 Member

    Thanks buzzword I will check that out. Unsure which hub Im going with right now. Trying to work a deal on a complete harly 21 with hub.
  4. HARLEY wheel is either 3/4 or 1" axle no where near the size of a GSXR axle. Two ways you can do it change out bearings to match GSXR axle and make plate for caliber or make spacers for bottom tubes to match up a 3/4 or 1" axle. I have done a bunch of wheel swaps and a good machine shop is a must to make life easy. I am doing right now a 26" Harley wheel to a VTX front end almost same case 3/4 axle wheel and 17mm VTX axle. Got to do the math lol
  5. blackduck889

    blackduck889 XS650 Member

    thanks for the reply Daddycycles. A mill lathe combo would be the ticket !

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