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HID vs LEDS Headlight Question

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Diff3RentBreed, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Diff3RentBreed

    Diff3RentBreed XS650 Member

    I am looking to upgrade my current headlight on my stock 1977 XS650. Nothing has been done to the bike except for fixing it up and getting it to stock running order. I have a few questions. I am looking for the brightest / most visible light possible since I do a lot of riding at night.

    First, are HIDs brighter than LEDs? I do think they are from my research but I haven't really seen anything that says yes or no.

    I am looking at two things;
    These HID lights that I would put in my stock housing (Amazon):
    And this LED headlight (or others if you know of any spectacular ones) (eBay):
    Now I am not set in stone with this LED headlight because I just started looking at LED headlights today and was directed to this one. My worries with this are that I am not sure if this can be mounted into the stock headlight housing and how it would be so I would have to figure that out but this is pretty much what I would be looking at.

    My other concern with HID is that my charging system cannot handle it. Which is what I was told when directed to the LED headlight but I have been looking around and it seems like some people have gotten HID headlights to work on stock charging systems with no problems. Which is what I want to do but before shelling out the money to get the parts, I want to make sure that it is 1) the best option for most visible light and 2) that it is even possible with the configuration I have now or what else I would need to get to go along with it.

    Any opinions / guidance would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

    ______EDIT for Picking_______
    I am still not sure which is brighter but because I was worried about the old charging system not being able to handle the HID and the more expense that the HIDs were going to be. I went with a LED headlight that I will be writing about once I get some nighttime pictures of how the light looks.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2016
  2. xonix_digital

    xonix_digital XS650 Addict

    I'm not a fan of using HID bulbs in stock housings. Their is no "cutoff" that an OEM projector would have and you will blind people at night. Pretty sure in most states these are not street legal as well.

    Have you seen that HD set yet?
    I'm interested in hearing if they are any good.
  3. Diff3RentBreed

    Diff3RentBreed XS650 Member

    Well I didn't know that. I definitely don't want to blind people. That would not help me to not to get hit. I'm still in the early stages of my HID searching.

    I have not seen the actually lighting of it physically.

    Do you know of any HID housings that would fit in the bike? I would assume that all 7inch housings would fit but again, I'm not 100 percent sure.
  4. meanEG

    meanEG XS650 Enthusiast

    A lot of this depends on your reflector. I ran HID and LED in the same housing on my car. The LED is nice with a decent cutoff. Lower power consumption, although I didn't ever measure current. The HID with an adapter in bought off of eBay was nice. I ran BMW stick stuff. I also ran other dual filament in another car with cheaper HID's and they were great. I know it wasn't much help, but no worries on either one. They are both good in their own way. I would think about running an aftermarket headlight with H4 bulb. Look into a Hella vision plus and an after market housing if you want a really good light.
  5. weekendrider

    weekendrider Iron Horse cowboy Top Contributor

    S.W. MO
    There are comparison videos on you tube.
    The 7 inch Daymaker LED for Harleys can be found on e-bay for +/- $60. But watch the wattage as it seems to vary.
    It will fit your oem housing.
  6. jabcb

    jabcb XS650 Enthusiast

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