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I don't know what style it fits into other than my own, so I just call it "Mjölnir"

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by the_nutt, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    I runs really well. According to a plug chop mixture is dead on (larger mains), and it idles perfectly forever. It does seem to bog a bit if I try to go from cruising at ~2,000RPM to WOT.. I'm assuming if I added baffles or a muffler it would help with throttle response, correct?
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2013
  2. essexboydave

    essexboydave XS650 Enthusiast

    I'm no expert on exhausts so I won't try to pretend I know the answer, it's just that the pipes looked like they might be a little bit too short for it to run well-I guess they can't be though if it runs ok :)
    As for it bogging down I think most engines do if you crack them wide open from low revs.
  3. Tron

    Tron Bearded Sheep Whisperer

    Chuck some lowbrow baffles in there and you will notice a big increase in power id imagine..

    I did anyways! Mine idled well before too but had a flat spot that I didnt really notice untill I slid the baffles in.
  4. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    Tron, that's exactly what I was planning (already ordred baffles) but your description is exactly what I was hoping for!
  5. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    Oops I did it again


    Doing fork seals, gaitors, master cylinder, and brake line on the front end. Had to get the swingarm out of the way to remove the passenger peg mounts, and will do brass bushing since I have it out.
  6. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    Got some parts in and got outside this weekend to trim the passenger peg and center stand mounts. Hope you guys had a good weekend!

  7. Love this bike, although how do you pronoce it?
  8. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun


  9. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    Finally got my Brembo caliper installed but I ran into an issue this morning. Looks like my new braided line is leaking from where the hard line disappears into the nut that tightens into the caliper. I emailed Shaun at Slingshot (where I got the line) but do you guys have any ideas in the meantime? I'm itching to ride...

  10. Kingwj

    Kingwj I know nothing, nothing!

    I assume it is a flared line? I the ID centered in the flare and un-boggered? If not you could cut if off and reflare, assuming the flex lines have enough slack to allow stop to stop travel on the centerstand.
  11. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    Yeah, its brand new. I didn't think about trimming it...
  12. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    Got it sorted: detached the line from the caliper and carefully re-seated it. After bleeding it again I tested it and the leak is gone.
  13. That shot with the grinder is rad.
  14. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    Thanks! Long exposures are some of my favorite photos to shoot.
  15. shotgunjoe

    shotgunjoe XS650 Hunter

    Bike looks good, and fun... keep up the good work.
  16. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    Thanks! I need to post some update photos before I tear apart the seat again...
  17. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    Buddy of mine caught me out on a shakedown run this week. Love how this bike feels, its perfect for getting into trouble around town. Going to figure out exhaust and probably going to do a new seat with a cowl soon.

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  18. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    I found a secluded little area to rip around in the dirt right by my house in the city today. I had my camera with me and the sun was setting, so I snapped a few photos...

    Ah, I guess I should list what I did since the last time I tore it down and put it back together:

    Removed passenger pegs
    New swingarm bushings
    New fork seals
    New fork boots
    Brembo brake and braided brake line
    Blasted/powdercoated my hubs and laced new rims/spokes
    Smaller black headlight

    I'm going to redo my seat and exhaust sooner than later hopefully...

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  19. JP50515

    JP50515 XS650 Junkie

    Dude why are you redoing the seat? In my opinion that seat makes the bike! It turned out way nice for home made too!

    Posted via Mobile
  20. the_nutt

    the_nutt Have Fun

    Thanks for the kind words! I need to update the seat because the front 3" of the seat doesn't have padding and is wearing through the fabric. It also rubs a bit over big bumps. I'm not going to change it much; I just want to do a little fender/cowl type thing.

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