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I need to unfreeze a motor xs650

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Bruceifer, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Well hi there peoples ,,and how's it going ? !!! ,, first of all thanks to Maurice,, I will be showing that article to my brother to make sure he doesn't become a victim of this sort of thing , I read it so I will be more careful ! so I'm off to the store to buy stuff !!!. I have a xs650 that has 11000 miles on the odometer but its froze up ( the motor ) , I'm going to put something in the cylinders to free it up ,, any suggestions ? ,,
  2. Marvel Mystery Oil beyond a doubt.
  3. should I put it in the spark plug holes ? , That might be a semi dumb question , but not as dumb as the 1 I didn't ask ! ,, and thanks for the reply !!!:thumbsup:
  4. FrkyMnky

    FrkyMnky XS650 Junkie

    Yep. Put it it, rotate it some if you can, if not let it sit overnight and come back.
  5. Can you get the valves closed on one side or the other? If the penetrating oil fails to loosen it up, you can free it with hydraulic pressure as long as you can get the valves closed on one side.

    You will be able to bust it free with a grease gun or a hydraulic pump. Check out this link:

    How to make a spark plug into a "Greaseplug"


    For me, this method worked on a rusted stuck V8 using a hand held grease gun.:thumbsup:
  6. jd750ace

    jd750ace Front Toward Enemy

    I put MMO in a metal coffee can and heat it up til it's smoking, then funnel it in the plug hole and let it sit overnight.
  7. Nice ! ,, and in 15 minutes , really , that's fast ! , I say that because I'm a cnc machinist by trade , and still in the makings , I was thinking a good soak down with the mystry oil, then using a compression tester, charge the cylinders 1 at a time , starting at about 40, to 50 psi. to start with and increasing as needed , I should be able to soak the valves with oil , back off the rockers, and tap them to seat them with a brass hammer right ? ! ,, I do appreciate all suggestions , Thanks in advance ! , its not always the perfect answer, its the answer that helps me find the answer !
  8. I got the oil in soaking, I sprayed pb blaster on the out side of the engine,, looks like the shed had a hole in the roof or something , a lot of greenish colors on it , the engine case is ugly , looks weathered , how can I clean that to make it look better ? , or would I be better to paint it ? , parts of it have that gray clay look , any hope for it ?
  9. jd750ace

    jd750ace Front Toward Enemy

    Get it running first, aside from a hose-down. You may find you short-circuit a lot of cleaning if you have issues getting it loose and going. Oil and gas have a way of getting all over the place!
  10. Last night My brother and I took a boreoscope and had a look in side the cylinders, Looks pretty rusty, I might have to tear down the heads and use a block of wood and hammer , and free them up 1 at a time , and theres still the chance of using the grease gun , but I'm sure that if I plan on using the top half of the engine I might have to have it machined, original plan was to use the lower half of the engine and the top half of 1 I have ? , I still have time , no rush !
  11. First of all quick fix doesn't always work. Take the time and break the top end down to see what you are up against. I do this all the time and some come apart easy and some don't.
    If you use a good oil and it sits a couple days and goes past the pistons and rings you can lift the cylinders off the block and block them up and try to tap them loose. I just did one with kerosene and it worked fine with just a block of wood and hammer. If they are rusted that bad Pistons/rings are no good and you will need a bore.
  12. I've only had to use a block of wood on the pistons a couple of times .

    I usually find that putting an engine in 1st or second gear and then gently rocking the car/bike back and forward will free up most siezed pistons eventually.

    Don't expect it to happen immediately or even with a few minutes . it may take an hour or more bit by bit gradually the pistons will start to move.

    You are going to have to remove the head anyway because you'll never be able to run an engine that has seized with rust like that.

    Try a couple of thumps on the top of the pistons with a piece of 2x2" hardwood to get some movement then use the rocking in gear method to free them right up
  13. If you get the valves closed on one cylinder or the other, the grease gun will break the engine free. Having done so will keep you from having to beat anything apart on disassembly. Not using a hammer goes a long way towards not breaking things.

    I have a friend who restores John Deere tractors. He brings stuff home that has been sitting in the field for years. He has a hose that screws into the engine, and the over end goes to a hydraulic cylinder. They break loose every time! His method is less messy than grease, but he went to the extra effort to make the tool that he uses often. The grease gun will git er done.
  14. I went out there this morning and was trying to free up the kick start, and it moved a little, sprayed it down with wd40 in both cylinders , took the air hose and blasted the cylinder with air , at the same time I worked the kick start , and it turned right over . !!!
    thinl im gonna spray it again and just leave it sit awhile .
  15. Hooray! Now you won't have to deal with a big grease turd when you take it apart. If it kicks over, it will come apart without a hammer. It's your lucky day!
  16. I'm still going to make 1 of those adapters !!!
  17. Hey guys ,, check this out , Marvel Mystry oil ,,
  18. Hmm.....looks like more piddlin' time in the polebarn for me and MMO.......

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