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I rode a 1968 Yamaha 60 yesterday

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by slackjaw44, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. slackjaw44

    slackjaw44 greasy summmbitch

    So I stopped off at a buddy's shop to pick up some parts, he had a 1968 Yamaha 60, damn thing probably does no more than 10 hp. Anyways top speed was a whopping 40 mph, not the best idea taking it on a 60mph road. Got a few laughs, few thumbs up, it's was for sure a white knuckle ride,


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    Last edited: May 3, 2011
  2. Looks pretty clean, is it restored?
  3. That reminds Me of My Buddy Alton, He has had this Russian bike forever, and I rode it last summer. It has this weird deal, where You can operate the clutch with the gear shift- the theory being that if the Chinese shoot your arm off, you can still shift gears! I cant remember the make of this bike, but the carb is a flat slide, and is so simple that you can rebuild the carb, with no tools, WITH GLOVES ON. The front and rear wheel are interchangable with no tools. Check out the Bitch-handle on the seat, for those heavy duty Russian babes....Alton is a very talented pinstriper, and painted the beer box, just to kill time. Evel jumping on Altons bike......

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  4. Here's another shot of Alton, at last October Lake O' the Pines Rallye. He was bored again, so He modified His helmet. all brushwork, and He made the screw out of a Coors can. The Boy just aint right.....Last pic is a Triton that Alton had just finished pinstriping. The dude that owns it got all beered up, and at the stroke of midnight, He did a valve-floating, sand throwing burnout, and left the bike sitting there all night. I wanted to steal it and take it home, no bike deserves that....:banghead:

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  5. Hmm, Pretty sure that guy lives in Carrollton in North Dallas.

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  6. Richard lives in Keller. He is one of Our Peckerhead motorcycle Racing Team.
    If You get the chance , drop by the Up in Smoke BBQ in Keller, on a Friday afternoon , and meet some of the Peckerheads, ansd see some classic rides.:bike:
  7. Well he must have been in Carrollton; in Las Colinas more specifically! Because that's where I snapped that picture in an apartment complex. Check out the top of the tank and see the pinstriping and let me know if it was your friend's work?
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2011
  8. Yeah, Jimmy, that is some of Altons work.
  9. That must be the same bike then. Cool man. I was really impressed with that bike. It was super clean. Did he build it or buy it?
  10. Regarding tiny bikes, some friends and I have a grip of CT70s to dick around on. They're a blast to ride around the city, especially in a group. Lots of turned heads, laughs, questions, and almost everyone asks "how much you wanna sell that for!?" I love rolling up next to chromed out Harley dudes at a light. Usually they don't even acknowledge me, sometimes they love it though.


    More pics from us shootin around town yesterday:

  11. Gotta ask... What's the top speed?
  12. jayel

    jayel #9 Guru 74 TX650A

    here's my 1966 Aermacchi/H-D M-50, 50cc 3-speed on the handlebar 45mph on the flat

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  13. The motors are slightly different in the red bikes and the blue one. The blue one has timing advance, so you get a few more MPH out of it... that one tops out at about 50, the others around 43. All depends on tire pressure and luck :)

    Plan for the blue one is to continue to bob it out for laughs at bike shows - it will be entered in every competition that accepts me. I lowered it a couple inches already, etc. Gotta finish up the seat, change the bars, bates style headlight... etc.

    The red one actually got first place for "best custom scooter" category at Mods vs Rockers last year, even though it's totally stock. There weren't any other categories it fit in. Total surprise to win that.

  14. Jimmy, I dont know Richard well, but I think He bought off e-bay. I lust after that bike.....

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  15. Well nonetheless it is pretty sick up close and in person.

    I would consider your braindead if you didn't lust after that bike.
  16. If they weren't going for a chunk of change I would probably try and pick one of those suckers up!!
  17. slackjaw44

    slackjaw44 greasy summmbitch

    happy to see my thread alive and well
  18. cstafford

    cstafford XS650 Enthusiast

    thats just too awesome.
  19. Keep your eyes open. I got my red K1 for $175, the blue HK0 for $300. Of course, I've done a lot of work on them since then, but the both ran strong with a standard tuneup.

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