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kick start only? and a wiring diargam for dummies

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by lost confused and sticky, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. hi there ok so i wanted to build a chopper this spring and a buddy told me he had a ruff looking one in his shop he picked up so i went to look at it and found a 79 xs650 with a stretched neck and some gaudy hardware but for 400 bucks i wasnt going to be chosey now heres a small fact i forgot about i havent the foggiest clue as to wtf im doing lol ive looked at about 3 dozen diffrent wiring diagrams and all i got from it was a head ache so heres the question can i remove the majority of wireing including the ignition and just stick with the kick start? all i really want is the wiring for the head and tail light any sugestions would be greatly appretated

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  2. Grinder

    Grinder XS650 Guru

    I think you will need to keep the ignition wiring if you want the motor to run. You can have kick only and eliminate the starter relay, safety relay(if it's still there). You will need the charging system wiring for the stator, regulator and rectifier. Lights are easy, just follow the diagrams.

    I changed all the wiring on my bike and started by removing all the old wiring and just leaving the components I wanted to keep along with some pigtails from those components.Then started wiring everything back together one system at a time. There are some good basic wiring diagrams here and should be easy to follow. If you don't know how to solder...learn! You can connect wires together with crimp connectors but soldering/shrink tubing is a much better way and will last a long time without problems

    It seems overwhelming at first but if you break it down into systems it's not that bad and you end up with a brand new wiring harness for the cost of the wire and some time.
  3. Hoperator

    Hoperator book stains on motor oil

    I was in the same boat as you and honestly, these wiring diagrams don't map to real world application too well. I would suggest ripping out the original wiring first. This will force you to learn what wires go with which components. Get yourself materials (e.g. connectors, shrink wrap, beer, etc.). Then reference the simplified diagrams found on this site. I would even go a step further and draw out logistically what these wires will look like on the bike. Here's what I drew:
  4. good2bsims

    good2bsims XS650 Enthusiast

    I made my only kick start only wiring diagram after studying about 10 different ones on here. I've not tested it, but had a few other people's eyes on it and they said it looked okay...

    It uses a Pamco ignition system and Hugh's Handbuilt PMA/regulator, but you could easily adapt it to what ever ignition and charging system you use because those systems kind run on there own.


    I think when you say ripping out the ignition wires you really mean the starter wires. You have to have an ignition system.
  5. MiniDanzig

    MiniDanzig XS650 Addict

    i bought a cheap little bussmann fuse panel and here is mine...

  6. Chi2

    Chi2 XS650 Enthusiast


    Does your headlight dim at low RPMs? Your setup is what I'm gong for, but I'm on the fence about cap vs. small battery.

  7. Halloweenie

    Halloweenie Bearded Banjo Brawler

    What about putting two capacitors in parallel? Wouldn't that solve the dimming issue? Just thinking out loud.

    Oh, and thanks MiniDanzig, that wiring diagram really is the idiot's guide to wiring. I love it! I will use that for my bike, too.
  8. thanks im going to try ripping out the wiring tommorow and redoing it hopfuly i dont make to big of a mess of it
  9. XSLeo

    XSLeo XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    On your bike you need a battery to supply power to run the igition and lights. To keep the battery charged you need the charging system to work.
    If your bike has the stock ignition and charging system, then get them wired first. Add the lights adfter you get it running. I like this diagram. It shows the basic points ignition and charging system. It also shows the TCI and combo reg/rec in seperate boxes. If you want the starter then it shows that too.

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  10. Lester

    Lester XS650 Junkie

    Hello Mini Danzig.

    I like the easy to understand way you set up the Wireing diagram.
    Have you given it a go yet? Just woundering since I plan to og this exact rout.

  11. jefft

    jefft XS650 Junkie

    Thats just what I am going to do Hallowennie. I just got the other Sparkx capacitor wired in and am going to see what happens this weekend. I like these simpler diagrams they help. Two capacitors is still cheaper than a battery and batteries don't live long in Arizona.
  12. MiniDanzig

    MiniDanzig XS650 Addict

    Hey guys, glad this diagram helped someone else out. Normal diagrams are so overlapped and wacky they are hard to follow even if you know what you're doing.

    This setup worked flawlessly for me. No dim headlight at idle (although this could vary depending on if you add any additional electronics). I don't see any need for 2 capacitors, unless you wanted to throw a spare in there for good measure. Amazingly it started first kick almost every time, but if people are watching you know it takes a couple more hah.

    here it was at the end before i sold…
  13. Machi

    Machi XS650 Addict

    Thanks, Mini
    Nice bike!
    I am planning to use your diagram as a starting point for a 75-B kick only bobber. See thread at http://www.xs650.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23837
    What coil did you use? Did you put two brake light switches on it? What kind of key or switch? Where'd you mount that?

    'scuse all my questions!
  14. Dustinj

    Dustinj XS650 Member

    On the tc bros website it says the capacitor won't work with electronic advance pamco or Boyer. What ignition are you running. I'm wanting to do this on an 83 special.
  15. Machi

    Machi XS650 Addict

  16. Zombieki11a

    Zombieki11a XS650 Enthusiast

    Hey guys. Just trying to get my bike running. Just did a top end rebuild. Hugh's PMA, pamco, mikuni's. Trying to get a spark. Used that awesome wiring diagram. I'll post some pics of the wiring. Hopefully someone will catch something I didn't. One question, it shows the PMA grounded but in hugh's write up you just ground the wire coming out of the reg\rec?

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  17. Hoperator

    Hoperator book stains on motor oil

    My guess is that's a typo. Only had 3 wires coming out of my PMA going to the reg/rec and no wire to ground. Hope that helps.

  18. Zombieki11a

    Zombieki11a XS650 Enthusiast

    Thanks. That's what I thought. Plus I was able to get spark and get her to turn over but I can't get it to idle. I already did cam chain adjustment and valves. Just gotta get these mikuni's purring. Anyone know if I have to plug the vacuum barbs on the carb boots?
  19. Hoperator

    Hoperator book stains on motor oil

    Yeah, leaving the vac barb on the boots unplugged will mess with your idle revving it up and what not. Plug them things.

  20. Zombieki11a

    Zombieki11a XS650 Enthusiast

    Thanks Hop! Anything you suggest to plug those bastards. I was wondering why my idle was so high.

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