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Let's See The XS's

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by XS650RR, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. pat_in_the_hat

    pat_in_the_hat In the learning stage

    figured id try surfing. now that i got a good photo i dont have to do it again haha
  2. weekendrider

    weekendrider Iron Horse cowboy Top Contributor

    S.W. MO
    And on a rough ridin hardtail no less. You got your shot to prove it. I'd say job well done.
  3. Lance Weersma

    Lance Weersma XS650 Enthusiast

    My first motorcycle project. Hasn't ran in 30yrs. Hope to start her up this next week.

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  4. Dude, that thing is clean looking.
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  5. Goldy

    Goldy XS650 Enthusiast

    This one isn't mine, but a good friend has been working on it for the last couple of years. I helped him out with the finishing touches and looked after the last few things to get it on the road...The engine was done by Heiden Tuning almost 20 years ago and was never run. After getting the carbs set up properly, the damn thing goes like a scalded cat. Far more powerful than a std engine. 017.jpg 021.jpg
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  6. halfmile

    halfmile XS Builder XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Drum Brakes, Spoke Wheels and "RED" on top of that!!! I see It`s surrounded by a Norton and a Triumph too. This guy has his S--T together for sure.
  7. bt24

    bt24 XS650 Addict

  8. Goldy

    Goldy XS650 Enthusiast

    Now, that's a really nice machine...classy!!!
  9. Orion61

    Orion61 XS650 Addict

    I certainly hope you are not going for the British Wiring reliability! I have an MGB with the Morris blues!
  10. Orion61

    Orion61 XS650 Addict

  11. CoastsideXS650

    CoastsideXS650 Princeton Motor Works

    Here are some pictures of the latest xs650 build. It is called the Lucy Bike. 1980 Special with a '75 tank and custom seat upholstery to name a few things.

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  12. Here's the finished article after a year of building


  13. Wow
    Watch out for that puddle
    You are a frame genius
  14. Orion61

    Orion61 XS650 Addict

    You cut that rear fender a bit close didn't you? If you get caught riding in the rain, between the water and dirt you might pick up, you could pack that tight. Did you hit something with the bottom of that fender? I love the colors on it, nice job.
  15. Thanks guys. Yes it's tight, it's certainly not going to be a daily rider. It's just taped off to avoid the usual gravel rash :)
  16. Orion61

    Orion61 XS650 Addict

    The extra small rod brace on the curved section of frame is both functional at the weakest part of the frame and it looks good, I am afraid at 250lbs
    I would snap off the seat post, that could get pretty UUUGLY fast!
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  17. VonFuct

    VonFuct Lower Class Leather

    Here are some pics from a month ago of my '78, The Brass Bonsai. I'm in the process of trying a single carb set-up now. Finally got it jetted to the point where I could ride it again and she seems quicker to respond and snappier overall. Still need to do more tuning but it's getting there. Oh, then a couple days ago on little ride I snapped a clutch cable. Grrr...

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  18. Orion61

    Orion61 XS650 Addict

    Very nice I love the leather.

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