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Let's See The XS's

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by XS650RR, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. drunkaroos

    drunkaroos XS650 Member

    My '81, bought yesterday as my first motorcycle I've owned. Revived from a year in storage and running strong!

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  2. RedRyder

    RedRyder XS650 Enthusiast

    Cool, check out M&M Customs [​IMG]
  3. 300Winmag

    300Winmag XS650 Member

    This is a thing of beauty, beautiful lines nice flowy curves wow I'm impressed, but yellow really?!? Lol thanks ! Some inspiration for sure !
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  4. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    ...i like yellow bikes...my 68 banana bike yesterday... IMG_20190706_180806.jpg
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  5. 300Winmag

    300Winmag XS650 Member

    Headers I fabbed up, my first header wrap job too
    Some mean tips Xs 650 side dumps with baffled shotgun out the back

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  6. Surfrat28

    Surfrat28 XS650 Enthusiast

    Love the pipes are they welded up to the 45 degree angle going up or slip ons??
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  7. Brassneck

    Brassneck XS650 Guru

    Looks great! I've seen suicide shifters where you activate the clutch with the lever like you have it...but is that a foot clutch as well?
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  8. 79josh81

    Looks good! What are the front master cylinder and left hand switch specs?
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  9. 79josh81

    79josh81 XS650 Addict

    Thanks man. Yeah I modified the worm gear to run a foot clutch too. It’s nice to have the foot clutch with the tall bars when you’re trying to get going from a stop while turning at the same time.
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  10. 79josh81

    79josh81 XS650 Addict

    Thanks. Specs? Like the handlebar size?
  11. I’m looking for the products you used. Thanks.
  12. Wordman

    Wordman XS650 Addict

    Just brought it home...

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  13. 300Winmag

    300Winmag XS650 Member

    Turning poster paper templates to aluminum with a jigsaw and small English wheel :)

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  14. 79josh81

    79josh81 XS650 Addict

    Ahh...well each of them were bought on eBay but I can’t remember the brands. All that I know is they’re American made because I don’t mess around with eBay’s Chinese stuff.
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  15. Machine

    Machine Race the wind Top Contributor

    5D50EB9B-4725-4657-ABE0-DE981F417D1E.jpeg Live XS650 Sighting in Vancouver WA!
    Yes, that simple statement may sound odd but this is actually, truly the only running and riding XS650 I’ve seen in over 3 Years !
    Vancouver WA had the annual
    “Cruise the Couv” which is a full day of rods & classic cars all day long.
    This XS Special II was nicely done and the owner was very appreciative of onlookers.

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  16. IronFist_650

    IronFist_650 XS650 Member

    Slip ons.
  17. Spike

    Spike XS650 Member

    DSC04268-Edit.jpg Working on a new gunmetal/black color scheme and correcting the stance. Should have some updated photos soon-ish.
  18. Took the new bike to a local bike show. No results yet (they stuffed up the scoring) but hoping for a win. IMG_20190721_103105.jpg IMG_20190721_074311.jpg
  19. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    Your usual nice work Phil! :)
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