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Looking for a 2-2 exhaust

Discussion in 'Shops' started by CoconutPete, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. CoconutPete

    CoconutPete 1979 XS650 Special

    Looking for a 2-2 exhaust system with the headers running approximately where the stock ones do and will allow me to easily throw the bike up on a lift (using the frame).

    Diameter can be larger than stock, but this is an unmodified engine, so the 1.75" pipes out there are probably too big since I'd like to keep as much low range as I can.

    As far as mufflers I'd like to use some sort of reverse cone. It can be louder than stock but not ear piercing and neighbor rattling either.

    Can be black or stainless etc. Anything but chrome. No chrome.

    Thought I'd see if someone can put something together before I just buy a stock seat of headpipes and cone mufflers.
  2. Kevin Spires

    Kevin Spires XS650 New Member

    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  3. 59Tebo

    59Tebo 59Tebo Top Contributor

    I don't know if this helps (probably not), but I was thinking about the HHB "Speedster" pipes for 'The Basketcase'. They run under the frame. I plan to fab forward controls that mount to the down tubes, and turn the pipes out just aft of the swingarm hinge. I'm not sure if they would be tucked up enough to raise the bike by the frame, but I'm also planning on getting a swingarm stand/jack, since part of the build involves gnawing off the center stand mounts. Any maintenance requiring the bike be raised up farther than that would then be done on my motorcycle table. Oh, and baffles. No mufflers. Yeah, probably too loud....
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  4. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    I'm in the market for a factory-ish 2-2 as well (would like to use some open megaphones for a good compromise of sound). I currently have a 2-1 that I'd like to sell, and my ya-mama's are 1.75" which I'm not sure if I'll use or not.

    Ebay is out of the question, as the selection of headpipes has absurdly high prices... But I certainly like the maximum ground clearance aspect!
  5. MrBultaco

    MrBultaco DICK MANN 1934-2021 RIP Top Contributor

    Hey guys, I have this exhaust from an '80 Special I bought awhile ago. The headers are 1-3/4" OD (never had them apart
    from the 'mufflers', so don't know what the ID is...prolly 1-5/8". I was thinking of just using the head pipes, but will part with the complete exhaust. Prolly at least $50 to ship. Offers?

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  6. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    I need stock size, otherwise I'd keep the ya mama's

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