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For Sale - Mid-late 90's FZR600 swingarm modded to fit XS650 SR500 etc.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Tim of DO THE TON, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Tim of DO THE TON

    Tim of DO THE TON XS650 Junkie

    I've been holding onto this for a few years thinking one day... but that day isn't coming.

    So up for sale is a nice FZR600 swingarm modified to slip right into an XS650 frame. Narrowed to fit the frame and has the shock mounts added along with the mount for a brake arm (not sure if that was stock or added).

    Pivot area measures 7 13/16 inches without the dust covers.

    Shock mounts measure 8 3/4" from the inside surface across to the other inside surface.

    8 3/8" of space on the inside for the wheel (exposed axle)

    20 1/2" from pivot bolt to center of axle adjustment area

    Complete with axle adjusters and 17mm stock FZR600 axle which is too long by 1/4", as the swingarm has been narrowed to fit the XS frame. Could easily be made up with a couple thick washers and nobody would notice. Also comes with another set of axle adjusters that have been bored to 20mm.

    $125 plus the ride from Toronto.

  2. SAFU

    SAFU XS650 Enthusiast

    Still available?
  3. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    It's a 7+ year old thread, might be a bit late to the party, haha
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