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Mini tach, speedo lights not working please help

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 650hcs, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. 650hcs

    650hcs Addict

    I had bought a set of mini gauges from dime city cycles and installed them and they worked great for about six months but now the lights on both wont work so at night I have no idea how fast or what rpm im at.Wich isn't a huge deal but id like to have them work properly. Im thinking this has to be a short somewhere but traced all wires coming from speedo/tach and it looks good. Also my turn signals are staying solid when I activate them, I have to turn it on then off repeatedly to make it look like they work while riding. So, does anyone have a solution or something I can try to fix them and are these problems related? I replaced the flasher relay and they worked great for a few weeks. Its hard to tell if it happened at the same time because I didn't notice the lights were out until it was dark and tend to ride more in the day. Just looking for ideas and help. any info will be greatly appreciated, don't really feel like paying someone to fix it when it seems pretty easy if I had the knowledge. Oh yeah I left all the wires from the original cluster in the headlight, do the original bulb holders need bulbs in them? because the mini tach and speedo only have one light as the original had two in each.

    Thanks, and ride safe
  2. 650hcs

    650hcs Addict

    I also have a parts 650 but is a couple years older, the one with the said problems is a 75 and the parts bike is a 77 or 78 so if that helps anyone with any ideas id appreciate that
  3. 5twins

    5twins XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    I would find the wires powering the bulbs and run battery power (with a jumper) directly to them to see if the bulbs are still good. If they are then the problem lies in your wiring running up to them. If they're blown, problem solved. These bike will blow bulbs due to the amount of vibration present. Also, your mini set-up may not be as vibration isolated as the original. But even the stock set-up blows bulbs. Practically every little bulb in my cluster was blown when I got it. I've since had one of the replacements go as well.

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