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For Sale - Misc XS parts for Sale - forks, wheels, shocks, etc

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by mattylmbr, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. mattylmbr

    mattylmbr mattylmbr

    UPDATED TO REFLECT AVAILABLE ITEMS. Anything no longer listed has been sold.

    Available front wheel with or without rotor and/or tire and rear rim with or without tire. Rear wheel is a 16ā€ - front is a 19ā€. 130/90 16 rear tire and 100/90 19 front. Make a reasonable offer on anything you see - parts can be broken up. Iā€™m located just north of Baltimore in MD for any items that may be difficult to ship. All parts are off of a 1980 XS650 with 10k original miles. Offer away!

    80A98857-A3E6-440A-BE1F-6D5A4D476B46.jpeg 87287CBA-0A8B-4258-B12F-BDFC9331E68C.jpeg AFAE610E-82E8-4D8C-822E-7EB98DFD560A.jpeg 6543820E-D28B-4DCE-B2C8-C843486DDF0D.jpeg 33F4ACD5-1970-4AB4-A99A-4B3D047DE974.jpeg View attachment 113549 View attachment 113550 View attachment 113551 View attachment 113552 View attachment 113553 View attachment 113554
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
  2. Sending PM on the shocks.
  3. willis

    willis XS650 Addict

    What is the master cylinder setup you have there?
  4. mattylmbr

    mattylmbr mattylmbr

    Was an aftermarket setup w/ a upwards mounting reservoir (which is not on in the pic)..
  5. hooper87

    hooper87 XS650 Member

    how much for the tank?
  6. mattylmbr

    mattylmbr mattylmbr

    I'll shoot you a PM..
  7. mattylmbr

    mattylmbr mattylmbr

    Front Fender and front Caliper sold.

    Everything else still up for grabs for the moment.
  8. mattylmbr

    mattylmbr mattylmbr

    Rear rim/tire and Front complete wheel with Rotor are still available... All other parts have been sold..
  9. Sprinklerman

    Sprinklerman XS650 New Member

    How much for the front wheel and rotor
  10. mattylmbr

    mattylmbr mattylmbr

    Sent you a message.
  11. Joey Ross

    Joey Ross XS650 Member

    How much for the tank?
  12. mattylmbr

    mattylmbr mattylmbr

    Tank is sold.

    Rear Rim and tire are available and Front Wheel rotor and tire are still available.
  13. cocinero196

    cocinero196 XS650 Enthusiast

    hi, do you have mirrors from the xs650? how much if ever? pls send me a pm. thanks

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