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Motorcycles you've owned

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Travis, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Travis

    Travis Staff Member XS650.com Supporter

    That looks like a 71 XS1-B (drum front). It's looks very nice and should be worth some money!
  2. angus67

    angus67 Welder's penetrate deeper!!

    yeah, he tried to strike a deal with jo wise guy up in arlington, wa, but couldnt agree on a price.
  3. danno

    danno XS650 Addict

    Travis,I never really liked "crotch rockets" before,but after seeing your black and red YZF R6,I want one! VERY,VERY NICE!!! My current ride has zero to sixty times that are measured in days...an R6 would probably prove fatal for me.
  4. Travis

    Travis Staff Member XS650.com Supporter

    I thought Wise Guys was just a chopper shop. They would probably buy it and resell it for a profit. I sure as hell as hope they wouldn't chop that....

    Forget the R6, go for the R1!!! Or FZ1 if you want most of power and handling but a little more comfort. That was a nice bike though. I think the magazines said 0-60 times were like 3 seconds! I sure as hell could never do that though... You could do about 120 mph in second gear though.
  5. danno

    danno XS650 Addict

    My 0-60 times are measured in "tries"...
  6. angus67

    angus67 Welder's penetrate deeper!!

    joe wiseguy is the nikname of one of the guys that started the shop
  7. dagored

    dagored XS650 Member

    Here are some of the bikes I have owned/built over the last 44 years.











  8. Travis

    Travis Staff Member XS650.com Supporter

    Yeah I understand that. What I was trying to say is since they are a chopper chop, I don't think they'd be interested in your friends '71 to restore. I figured they would be buying it only if it was a good enough deal that they could turn around and resell it for a profit. So what I'm trying to say is, you could probably get more money for it by selling it to someone else. But then again, maybe they did want to take on the restoration project. :shrug:
  9. angus67

    angus67 Welder's penetrate deeper!!

    well, i got cha, but friend originally wanted to trade the 71 for work on a 80 bobber.
    but i agree, to make a profit, someone has to lose a profit. I told him to fix it, and run it all original. since he has a hardtail bobber, a stock '80, and the 71.
  10. dlabkeeg

    dlabkeeg XS650 Addict

    Well I don't have any pics, but here goes:

    age 11 yz 80
    age 13 yz 125, 250
    age 19 yz 490
    age 20 hd 883 hugger
    age 38 xs650

    Dad was into bikes, so he got my brother and I dirt bikes so we could ride with him. Mom had a three wheeler. We lived in central California, lots of farms and orchards. Only had the 883 for about 8 months, then went overseas. Had my dad sell it, didn't want to make payment on something I couldn't ride. On side note my dad who hasn't ridden in 14 years, seen my xs650, and is thinking about buying one. Still wants to ride with his kids.
  11. Backroader

    Backroader XS650 Addict

    Three of my old Yamaha's...looking for more photo's to scan.

    1984 Virago

    1984 FJ600

    1983 RZ350
  12. This is like a long term memory test.

    First bike: 1965 Bridgestone Trail 90

    66 Honda 305 Superhawk bought stock built my first custom cafe

    70 Yamaha DT360

    Honda CB350

    1950 HD Panhead chopper I built it several times

    Honda CB500

    Yamaha 200

    66 Honda 305 Dream (Bought it from my great uncle in the late 70's restored it and still have it)

    69 HD XLCH restoration w/custom paint

    76 HD FLH Electra Glide "the Circus Wagon"

    83 Honda FT500 Ascot the only bike I ever bought new and sold it last spring to a collector

    Honda Z50 for my girls

    Yamaha RD 350

    Suzuki SP370 my ice bike

    HD XLH 90" stroker it had a 78 home built title and the motor broke everything attached to it but in it's day it would fly!

    Suzuki GS1100E my first inline 4 cyl

    91 BMW K100RS

    96 BMW R1100RS still have this workhorse w/87k on it

    77 Yamaha XS650 "the Troublemaker" i still have this one

    another 77 XS on the bench w/kitted motor, maybe I'll get it done in '10'

    81 XS650 project bike in storage

    98 Suzuki TL1000R winter street fighter project, I'll definatly have this ready this spring

    I'm pretty sure I've missed one or two

    vintage action photo 1974
  13. dagored

    dagored XS650 Member

    Cool collection Steve. Judging by the first bike, we must be close to the same age. Travis will know , but it would seem that the Wisconsin membership on XS650.com is at least 5.
  14. Nah, you must be much older. I've only 43 years experience. Looks like our taste in two wheels have crossed a few times. I notice we both favor shotgun exhaust. How many Knuckleheads do you still have? At times I regret letting my Pan go, even after 30 years.
  15. crash

    crash XS650 Junkie

    nice knucks there dagored:thumbsup:
  16. dagored

    dagored XS650 Member

    I have all four plus a motor and title to a 5th.
  17. crash

    crash XS650 Junkie

    thats just wrong hording all the knucks:laugh:
  18. dagored

    dagored XS650 Member

    Well crash you know what they say........ everything is for sale for the right price. To that end I would consider sale of the long bike.
  19. Hi Guys,

    Really? All the bikes I've ever owned? I'm not sure I remember....let's see:

    1959 Lambretta ld125
    1949 BSA D1 Bantam
    1948 UL 80" HD Flattie
    Honda CA-95 150
    Yamaha YDS-3 250
    1959 BSA A10
    1962 Norton 650SS
    Honda 90
    Various Honda 50's for the kids
    Honda Sl350
    Yam 1977 "D"---still have her!
    69 Norton Commando fastback
    69 P-11a Norton
    Matchless G-80 #1
    Matchless G-80 #2
    Matchless G12CSR twin
    AJS 500 single
    Norton '72 Interstate
    Norton '71 Roadster
    BSA Lightning 650 #1
    BSA lightning #2
    BSA B25 #1
    BSA B25 #2---still have her.
    BSA B44 #1---still have her.
    BSA B44 #2---still have him.
    BSA B44 #3---still have her.
    67 Triumph T100
    69 Triumph T120 #1
    69 Triumph T120 #2
    79 Yamaha XS650 Special---still have her
    78 Triumph T140v
    78 Triumph T140v #2---still have her.
    80 BMW R80/7---still have her.

    That doesn't count things like a Puch moped, a second Lambretta, a couple of Kawasaki singles, and lots of BSA twins that never got past the "pile of parts" stage before being sold. I'm also on my second sidecar. For awhile I sort of specialized in T100 Triumph 500 twins, and had many, but only for a short while before they sold. I can see I have to learn how to post pictures....:shrug:

    Anyway, those are the main bikes. Oh, yeah, I had an N-15 Norton for awhile, too. Not as good as the P-11a....too heavy.

    I love my bikes, past and present. I've had my one BSA B44 and my 77 "D" Yammie longer than either on my marriages......hmmmm. Is that a bad thing? :laugh:

  20. Travis

    Travis Staff Member XS650.com Supporter

    Barb!!! that's a lot of bikes!!! Welcome to the site!

    Pics would be great! PM me if you need help posting them.

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