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My 81' XS650 Chopper & Intro

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Phill, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Almost didn't make it home. ATU kept coming apart. Needs a new pin. Top end sounds horrible. Hope a retorque and cam chain/valves solve the noise. I still need to figure out the carbs. They are sometimes rich and sometimes lean. So I have some more fixing on that carb to do.
  2. So... I screwed up and didn't put the gear in for my oil pump. That engine was short lived.


    I guess I'll be rephasing after all. Since I have to buy new pistons anyway. Another $400 and maybe I'll get it right this time.
  3. TwoManyXS1Bs

    TwoManyXS1Bs BBQ Hunter Top Contributor

    ??? No oil pump oiling at all? This whole time???

    ??? How in th...???
  4. Yeah, 500 miles with no oil.
  5. Ouch man!! That's gonna hurt.....................
  6. At least now you get to do the rephase!!
  7. Yep. $300 mistake. wiped out the pistons & rings, the cam lobes, bearings, rockers, and probably other. It would be more if I didn't have my original engine. That piston kit was $270.

    So... I might do it again with my old engine. I don't know yet. This is my only transportation and I'm 50 miles from anywhere. I _should_ just put my old engine back in for the summer and quit spending money I don't have.

    I did get my Harley running on Saturday though. I need to finish the fab on it and get it on the road so I'll have two bikes.

    I'm just lucky my neighbor lets me use their mini-van to get food.
  8. Yep... I'm going to go for it and put the rephase in my good engine. It's only money right. I'll make more and learning is expensive sometimes.

    Ordered the 256 cam chain.

    Will order the pistons soon from Hoos. 302957: JE 700 piston set, 22mm pins clips and rings for 70-72

    700cc rephase try #2.
  9. Capslocker

    Capslocker XS650 Enthusiast

    That really sucks man. Didn't you noticed anything different in performance during the 500miles?
    How are the rockers and cam looking now?

    You've proven one thing, those engines can handle some torture foresure.
  10. About 200 miles in it was making a lot of noise but I was 200 miles from home at the time. I didn't realize what it was. When I got to Rachel I adjusted the valves. They were super loose. I had no idea what was going on. Didn't know until I tore it down again. But yeah, it was pretty bad. Ruined the rockers pretty much. I think the bearings too. Maybe the lobes a bit.

    I have all the stuff to rebuild now. Having the cylinders bored tomorrow morning for a new set of 700 pistons. Should have my bike running again this weekend. I hope. Rephased this time.
  11. Took my two engines and build one that is rephased.



    Hope I don't need these because they won't fit with this early model crank shaft. I'm pretty sure they are only for the electric start.

  12. Capslocker

    Capslocker XS650 Enthusiast

    Good to hear it is all coming back together. We all make mistakes and forget things, only few got the balls to admit it. Hope you'll like the rephase!

    Took the time to go through the topic and i must say i really dig your bike:) it came along verry nice. You also live in a nice part of the country to ride motorcycles. Back In 2010 i had the opportunity to ride a harley over yosemite and the sonora pass highway. It is not that far away from where you live i think. Those where good times :)
  13. Doing research on the wiring now. Can't get any spark. I followed the HHB instructions and used the photo of the coil to figure out +/- but I don't think it matters. I unplugged the charging system and wired a battery up to make sure I'm getting power. Headlight/tail light work. Power to the coil but still no spark.

    I'm guessing I have it wired up wrong somewhere. I'm doing research now.
  14. cliffno350

    cliffno350 XS650 New Member

    Got to love wiring gremlins, bikes aren't moving at my place while I chase a gremlin through a 95 lt1 clapping with one hand I feel
  15. I got real close to getting it to start today.

    After checking the instructions again five times I realized I set the left piston at TDC but I was using the pin on the right of the cam to put it at TDC. Wrong.

    Took the engine out again. Turned the cam again. Lined the mark on the left side to the piston on the left at TDC. Ah, much better.

    Still no starting but got a back fire or two. Then I realized that the magnet cam wasn't horizontal on the Pamco. DOH... There's the problem. Turned it to the other keyway and it was not quite horizontal. Dammm. Have to pull the engine out again because I'm one tooth off on the cam. Dam dam dam

    My buddy here egged me on to try it anyway. I turned the timing as far as I could go to compensate and kicked it over.

    Now I'm in the house with a sprang ankle. It totally kicked me back hard.

    Tomorrow I'm going to pull that engine out again and turn that cam one tooth back so it's good to go. Then it should be perfect.

    Even reading the instructions from HHB five times it's still hard to do. But I'm going to be a fricken expert on these bikes after this. Didn't want to be, but you have to pay to play.

    PS, my next bike will have a starter. I have a busted knee, busted shin, and now a busted ankle. I'm done with kick only.
  16. Finally got it running!

    But... I rode it for a bit and when it warms up it starts loosing power. Then I was getting a pinging or tapping sound like the valves were loose. Soon as I heard it I pulled the clutch in and the bike died.

    I went with no base gasket to get 10:1 compression. I'm running 91 or 93 in the tank. Do you guys think I'm getting pre-detonation from not high enough octane? I really hope I don't have to pull this engine out again.

    I didn't know about the higher octane requirement when going 10:1 when I did it. I was just told that might be it by a friend. I think I should have kept the gasket in.

    Maybe I need to retard the timing a bit. I didn't notice it when I was running more retarded than I am now.
  17. TwoManyXS1Bs

    TwoManyXS1Bs BBQ Hunter Top Contributor

    Did the engine feel like it was trying to sieze?
    If so, watch for smoking.

    Sufficient fuel flow?
    Cold restart okay, with no pinging/rattling?
    If so, could try ign timing at 10° BTDC idle, less than 38° BTDC full advance.
  18. Still can't get it to run right. Something is not right in there at all. Soon as it gets warmed up it starts to run real bad then dies. It looses power and I have to keep the RPM's up. But even with that it's bogging down.

    The timing with the light looks like it's right on the mark. I made a mark for TDC. While running it's hitting the "fire" mark. Rev it up and it goes to the adv mark.

    Probably timing, I don't know but I'm totally over working on engines. Done. Do not like.

    I'm putting the stock engine back in and calling it quits.

    I just want to ride my bike. Hate working on stuff.
  19. Bobbernut

    Bobbernut XS650 New Member

    Did you end up using the xs1 rephased cam and crank or are they still for sale?
  20. Yeah, I put it in this build but I can't get it running right. Probably going to pull it out and put my old engine back in. I'm no mechanic.

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