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My $Free.99 Project

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by wannabridin, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    I'll fix what I can or simply get a good used one and redo it all.

    This is what I'm worried about to. Some of the better thermostats incorporate a one-way valve to prevent flowback and help reduce startup starvation. Can't tell if this one does though. I'll investigate later
  2. 650Skull

    650Skull Dinosaur Lives Top Contributor

    Can't see how it would stop the feed back.........if the thermostat opened when a certain temperature was reached, i would think the oil will drain out of the filter while it was still hot.

    Its not the flow back it is the flow forward
  3. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    I know the trans thermostat I have inline on my truck has a partial flow valve that never allows for anything but the lines to ever be low on fluid. This keeps everything wet and happy (which is always good!!).

    Bottom line though, I'm not a fan of using anything on this bike which will impact its reliability. I just want it to be bulletproof and fun. So I'll likely either get a finned cover or one of the HHB's (even though I don't see how it does much, if anything).

    Anyone have any other thoughts on functional coolers that don't starve the motors?
  4. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    Title application/transfer fee: $42.75. As much of a hassle as the title has been, I feel it adds value to the bike because it's something that the next buyer won't have to do. And after 2 years, the bond expires and the title is a regular one, adding even more value. So, money well spent, as I always go through the title pains ASAP for a bike I plan on keeping.

    Running total: $453.60
  5. 650Skull

    650Skull Dinosaur Lives Top Contributor

    Sorry, the cooler is upside down. Plumb the lines so they come in and exit the top, also having the cooler mounted lower around the front motor mount.
  6. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    ah, good stuff there, thanks skull.
  7. 650Skull

    650Skull Dinosaur Lives Top Contributor

    I'm curious to see where the inlet hoes goes into the motor..........most i have seen, plumb into the side-cover......

    Some pics, (XSJohn RIP), of an XS850 oil filter and a cover used when outside temperatures get below 75 F

    cooler_2_1_1.jpg screen_and_cover_342.jpg
  8. ron bayless

    ron bayless XS650 Addict

    I did not put that on the bike.I hope you can figure it out.Skull and some of the others will know.But more important is if its still functional.
  9. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    Internal inspection through the spark plug holes reveal minimal rust and what I believe are still some hatch marks on the cylinder walls. The inspection camera is only ~5 MP, and the light has coarse adjustments, so getting a really nice picture can be difficult, but I believe everything looks ok.

    In order to fire it, I'm going to have to go through the ignition system, set up the EX carbs, inspect and clean out the tank & install a filter, go through charging system and make sure wiring is all traced back properly. I might simple replace the whole harness since I've one sitting around.
  10. ron bayless

    ron bayless XS650 Addict

    all the wires from the right handlebar switch I connected to the same color wires coming from the bike.but there are 2 blue wires.one should be disconnected.The harness looked intact for the most part.The piece of blue wire was just a makeshift connection he had running from the coils re/white wire down to the solenoid.I suppose some sort of hitwire and he had kickstart only.I dont know if the starter is any good.But since the other guy had hacked so much a different harness would probably be the smartest.Plus he had removed all the signal lights so i am not sure what he might have done to the rear harness.tc choppers makes a stripped down harness for only $39.
  11. 650Skull

    650Skull Dinosaur Lives Top Contributor

    Hard to let go eh Ron......
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  12. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    Ya, I've looked into it a little bit, but haven't really dug in deep. I bought a complete OEM harness off ebay for about $20, and I'd like to keep the wiring mostly stock. that "harness" from TC bros is just a small bundle of wire, that to me is a waste of someones time. I've also a harness from DaddyG, but I'm sure that's going on my bobber project.

    Thanks for the info though!
  13. ron bayless

    ron bayless XS650 Addict

    ha ha.Yeah,kinda.I just want to know if it runs actually.I have my daily rider 99 venture.So friggin heavy but it has no problems.I just replaced the fuel filter on it.Ridiculous.You have to take off 3 side and front covers, the line from the fuel pump, try to reach an near impossible hose clamp to pull off the filter, then the filter can only be pulled out if you unbolt the fuel pump and swing it to one side.$6.99 filter got me stranded.But it lasted 18 years.How do OLD bikes keep coming up with new problems.
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  14. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    No updates here. Poor thing hasn't moved from my trailer since I brought her home. Sorry Ron.

    Need to clean up some space and clean the trailer off and build the pad in the backyard where she'll be stored temporarily.

    Gave her a good once-over recently and decided to keep all the patina that's on there currently but with the modern touches, like I've discussed. Only the bare essential upgrades for handling, safety and whatnot. Everything else looks on point for comfort (low rise dirt bike bars, cafe seat, etc.).

    Exhaust might change though, don't know how I feel about the 2-1 right now.
  15. ron bayless

    ron bayless XS650 Addict

    the 2 to 1 looks good, but limits styling and customization because it gets in the way
  16. MaxPete

    MaxPete Lucille, Betty & Demi - I suggest but THEY decide. XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    2 into 1 - I have no personal experience and don’t really understand why this is but the conventional wisdom from the gurus is that 2 into 1 exhausts don’t work that well on XS650s.

    Apparently, it is very difficult to tune them.
  17. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    Really? That's interesting. I've never heard that, but also never looked into it. I do know that firing order and cam duration/overlap has a lot to do with exhaust scavenging. V-twins almost always benefit from a 2-1, especially harleys. But thats not a 360 parallel twin...
  18. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    Got some "new" longer shocks. They're off a 2010 Thruxton, ~14". $51.35. I need to clean the crappy spray paint job off of them.

    Running total: $504.95
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  19. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    Welp, I got the bike off the trailer for the first time since I bought it, so BIG progress! :-D

    I took a closer look at things and luckily the motor still turns over, but I've not done a compression test or anything yet. Frame isn't in bad shape, I figure I'm just going to knock down the rust, throw some sort of rust inhibitor on it (dunno if it will be paint or something else), and live with the patina. The kickstand needs to be welded to the support brace, and the center stand might be rendered useless with the longer shocks on there. Not sure yet.

    Unfortunately, I need some garage space back to move a "paying" project car in ('68 Mustang), so this bike, my bobber and my '76 goldwing are all going to be moved to long-term temporary storage in the back yard - inside a soft sided shelter, sitting on a pallet floor. They'll all be individually covered while in there as well, so my only real issue with be ensuring no condensation gets in and ruins anything!
  20. 5twins

    5twins XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    Those longer shocks should be fine. The Special shocks mount at more of an angle and that puts the rear wheel quite high off the ground when on the centerstand. Specials are much harder to put on the stand than Standards because of this. Those shocks should make it about right, tire about 1/2" off the ground, and make it very easy to put on the stand. What will need modding most likely is the sidestand. The bike will lean over too far on it now with the longer shocks. No big deal though, just weld some plate to the bottom of the foot to make the stand longer. You'll have to "test park" it and figure out how much. With my longer shocks on my Standard, I needed about a half inch.


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