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New Banana Girder Build

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by wrmdovr, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. roadstar06

    roadstar06 XS650 Addict

    bike looks great! very talented r you!could you possibly post some pics how you ran ur wires and how coil is mounted? I'm running the same system and no clue on how to hide all this!
  2. wrmdovr

    wrmdovr If it were easy.....everyone would do it!

    Hi Roadstar06......thank you. The key is removing the electric starter and plugging the hole where the starter used to sit. as this is where the bulk of the items will be located/hidden. I then laid out all of the needed items which for me are capacitor, key switch, reg/reg, headlight switch. i then made a template out of cardboard and began placing the items where i thought that they would/should fit......kinda like a jigsaw puzzle figuring out where to place them. once i had them where i thought they would work i then fabricated a metal version of my cardboard template which to mount it i incorporated the stock starter mounts. I also hinged it so that i could access all of the wiring and associated components for servicing/repair without having to take the whole thing off or apart. the coils are mounted under the rear motor mount, which due to the elongated backbone i had to incorporate a link from the backbone where the seat mounts to the rear engine mount. I will take some pictures and post them later today. being able to conceal as much of the wiring and components was a real key for me and i did alot of research to see what other people were doing.....didn't matter what type of bike it was i was simply looking for creative ideas and ways that might help. what i will say also is that it is imperative to fabricate and mount a side plate that runs the length from the rear motor mount to behind the kickstarter as without this all of the wiring and hardware is quite visible. With the plate in place it conceals everything and really provides a nice look......much like a front valance on a car, both fuctional and looks good! Good luck and let me know if i can be of any further help. WRMDOVR
  3. I love it man, classic. I also did jockey shift, but my shifter (antique cast iron) was too heavy for direct mount on the shifter. Was that an issue for you? I like the clean lines, just wondering if you accidentally change gears when going over a bump.
  4. wrmdovr

    wrmdovr If it were easy.....everyone would do it!

    Hey Krypto......thanks. As in most builds you have a thought/vision and then once executed it may not be exactly what you had in mind........such is the case with me on this aspect. I actually had a heim-joint set up and it worked great.......other than i basically couldn't remove my sparkplugs.....DOH! As i am quite often to remark......."the Titanic looked good on paper". So i needed to come up with an alternative that would firstly allow shifting, both smoothly and safely as well as allow me access to the engine for servicing/maintenence. So i ended up using aluminum tubing on the bottom half that is then threaded onto steel for the top half and so far so good. My only issue is that the clutch cable needs to be shortened another 3-4 inches. WRMDOVR
  5. Amazing, well done sir! I actually have plans for a girder front end if anyone wants them btw. Pm me.
  6. wrmdovr

    wrmdovr If it were easy.....everyone would do it!

    Hey BobbedSled......thanks. It turned out pretty much how i had it in my head. There are no designs for this anywhere and had to make it up as i went along. the hardest part was figuring out connecting the hardlebars to the neck/steering stem and making it serviceable.
  7. Willem Valk

    Willem Valk XS650 New Member

    Goodday, I'm new on this page. I saw your bike with the Joe Wiseguy 2-1 intake. I've got one as well. I got a Mikuni carb but I don't know where to start tuning. I got a 170 jet in the carb.
    Any tips or ....?
  8. fredintoon

    fredintoon Fred Hill, S'toon. Top Contributor

    Hi Willem and welcome,
    the carb only feeds one cylinder at a time. I'd say start with the carb's stock settings and see how it runs.
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  9. Phyberoptic

    Phyberoptic XS650 Addict

    Nice looking chop. Can you actually make a reasonable turn with the frame as low as it sits? I've scraped pedals turning a stock height XS650 and that sure wakes you up... I'd be leaving spark rails on that rig. ;-) Or maybe dirt track skid turn like back in the day.

  10. wrmdovr

    wrmdovr If it were easy.....everyone would do it!

    Hey Phyber......thanks.....it is low that is for sure. Turning is no problem. I kinda ride like a grandma not like a knee slider so really not much chance of creating sparks! This was a compilation of all of my ideas and wants put into one bke. i am actually travelling from seattle down to portland, or friday morning to show my bike at The One Moto Show. I will post pic's once i get back. WRMDOVR
  11. Phyberoptic

    Phyberoptic XS650 Addict

    Yeah, watch the harley rider at 2:12 on this vid:

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  12. wrmdovr

    wrmdovr If it were easy.....everyone would do it!

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that guy is F-ing amazing! I now suddenly feel very un-manly........:doh:

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