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New Custom Seat Company!! JBSeatz!!!

Discussion in 'Shops' started by therev, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. therev

    therev XS650 Member

    so this is my buddys new business and he does AMAZING work!!! this is from a post of another website. he is still in the process in setting his new site up so stay tuned! He is a good friend and a sponsor of mine! I figured you guys would enjoy this for your builds and for your classic bikes.

    "Been meaning to post this up for a while now but been busy.
    Ive been doing custom seats for a while now, blowing up pretty well locally so i thought I would bring it to you guys as well so here you go.

    Prices are as follows:

    Both seats 2 colors $100?single $50

    Both seats 1 color $85/single $42

    Specialty colors ie: gripper,sparkle,carbon fiber look$10 additional each seat
    Custom thread colors also available

    Stunt foam build up on either seat $25 additional each
    ( I will competely re do the foam with high density foam from the seat pan up on rear, or from the front portion back on front seat )
    This provides a solid platform for standing that will not smoosh down like stock foam.
    As well as for most bikes the rear is built up more which provides a larger platform for ss as well as foot in the seat, all while maintaining the same overall shape/look of stock.

    Custom embroidery available also upon request avarage price is about $25 but really is a per order basis since my embroider' charges per stitch count. So size and design base the prices.

    All seats come with embroidered tags as well as die cut stickers !

    All prices are Not incuding shipping to me or back to you.

    Pm or emal me at jbseatz@gmail.com Thanks"

  2. therev

    therev XS650 Member

    Heres a before and after!!!!!!!

    Get your seats done while its still cold!!!
  3. PHeller

    PHeller Erie, PA

    Um this is great and all...but very few of us XS650 owners are using plastic seatpans.

    Can your buddy cover a metal seatpan?
  4. kelso

    kelso XS650 Addict

    +1 on the metal seat pan

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