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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by DADDYGCYCLES, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. As I promised back in Oct 2019 that I would again keep in stock a couple HARNESS KITS ready to be shipped same day or next day.
    Well I have two SIMPLE HARNESS KITS for choppers or Bobbers on the side ready to be sold.
    These are the Simple kits that handle LIGHTS- BRAKE SWITCHES- COIL&IGNITION-WRES for FUSE BLOCK.
    Simple bare bones wiring to get your bike on the road. Each kit can be upgraded by you for HORN-ELECTRIC START-TURN SIGNALS with extra wires very easy.
    THESE KITS ARE WIRES ONLY but if you want a 6 position fuse block wired in its a extra $15.00
    SIMPLE HARNESS KITS are $50.00 shipped FREE IN USA!!!!
    If you need more you can look at the previous thread I posted on NEW PRICES!!!!
    THANKS AGAIN TO WHO HAD BOUGHT IN 2019 on this Site.
    I SHIP WORLDWIDE 20% DISCOUNT on KITS for outside of the USA!!!
    KEEP CHOPPIN !!!!! and hope to see pictures of your new builds for 2020
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