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OEM cast aluminum top triple tree material

Discussion in 'Northeast U.S.' started by GaryS-NJ, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. GaryS-NJ

    GaryS-NJ XS650 Member

    I'm powdercoating s bunch of stuff and burned the black paint off the OEM top triple clamp in my powder coating oven on clean cycle. I think it goes to 500deg F for 2 hours. THEN I read how heat and slow cool can anneal metal (I kinda remember steel study in college). Does anyone know the material of the top clamp and if I could have removed temper strength?.. yes, I already coated it..

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  2. gggGary

    gggGary Stop that! XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    A quick look around brought up 750 plus degrees for annealing an aluminum casting so you are prolly good. Haven't heard of any issues with powder coated top triples and it's a done a lot, so that's comforting. The lower triple is the bigger stress, load carrier in forks, that helps too.
    I went down and filed and punch marked an XS650 top triple and it doesn't seem to be particularly hard as far as aluminum goes. Think you can find something else to worry about. :sneaky:
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  3. GaryS-NJ

    GaryS-NJ XS650 Member

    thanks gggGary. I powdered the lower tree cover and the powder didn't take perfectly to the All metal filler I used in the holes.. So then I was looking for a metal emblem I could powder but now thinking ditch the cover and powder the lower tree..

    Looking ahead I'm swapping in an Allballs tapered bearing and I'll need to remove the old grease seal anyway for the oven.. but I just read through the tech resource article on tapered bearing swap and it made no mention of using a spacer on the bottom tree stem. I'm sure Ive read XS650 internet stuff that said to use the old bottom race as the perfect spacer. Anyone?? and I'm gonna make this it's own subject post so please forgive the double post and I'll delate later if I can..

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