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Wanted - Pamco e-ignition

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Rphutch671, May 18, 2019.

  1. Rphutch671

    Rphutch671 XS650 Member

    So I ordered a Pamco e-ignition with the advancer on the same unit. Well couple days later I got a refund and find out he's done selling them. Crappy part is I ordered the coil and what not to run it and when I got the Pamco refund it was to late to cancel the other order. Soooo in final attempt at getting one I'm just seeing if by chance anyone has a spare Pamco e-ignition with the combined advancer for sale. I'm sure no one's going to want to part with one since he's done now. But I don't want Mike's knock off one and I don't really want a Boyer since I have a brand new coil for Pamco that won't work with the Boyer and im going batteryless and would rather not buy their $150 special little battery thing. If anyone can help a guy out that'd be great! If not I understand.
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  2. See what the ohms is on the coil and you can sub it with a Harley coil or a Dyna coil
    I have used Harley coils with the Pamco and it worked fine.
  3. Rphutch671

    Rphutch671 XS650 Member

    Appreciate the input. But the problem is I have a coil that'll work for the Pamco and no Pamco. I ordered the coil from Mike's after I ordered the Pamco. Then I got a refund from Pamco and it was to late to cancel the order from mikes. So now I'm stuck with this coil and no Pamco. That's why I'm looking to try and get a Pamco. The coil I got from Mike's for the Pamco won't work with my stock points or a Boyer ignition and Mike's won't accept returns on electronics. So I'm stuck with a 50 dollar coil. But I do appreciate the help.
  4. Oh I misunderstood what you were looking for. You can call Boyer and ask them if that coil will work on a Boyer. They have a tech line.
  5. Rphutch671

    Rphutch671 XS650 Member

    Thanks. I will give them a call
  6. Rphutch671

    Rphutch671 XS650 Member

    Well they said my coil won't work with a boyer. So looks like I'm stuck with a $50 coil I can't use unless I get my hands on a Pamco. Still can't believe he retired after I finally ordered a Pamco unit. Would have never ordered this coil if I hadn't ordered the Pamco first. But instead of getting my Pamco I got a refund. I'm sad :(
  7. Superjet

    Superjet XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    Put your coil up for sale maybe someone will buy.
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  8. Rphutch671

    Rphutch671 XS650 Member

    Yea I will have to do that. I doubt I'll end up finding a Pamco someone will part with. Thanks!

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