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PMA Banshee Swap Help

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by muskallunge, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. muskallunge

    muskallunge XS650 Enthusiast

    I installed a Banshee rotor and a Kawasaki Vulcan/Drifter stator to my '78 xs650 using Hugh's Hand Built stator backing plate, stator mount & hardware. I had a wire rubbed through by the rotor rotation because I didn't tucked it away enough. When I pulled the rotor to inspect and fix the wire I noticed that the outer copper wires of the stator that face the inside of the rotor were worn from contacting the the rotor. Didn't seem like that should be happening and most likely was causing my bike to run shitty since my battery only had 5.8V when not running.

    I installed it using HHB's install instructions instead of the Banshee Swap thread on here. I noticed they Banshee swap keeps the woodruff and HHB's sysytem does not. I do NOT have a woodruff key in. Would that cause a spacing issue? I thought it was just for timing.
    Any help/advice is most appreciated.

  2. TwoManyXS1Bs

    TwoManyXS1Bs BBQ Hunter Top Contributor

    A woodruff key must not influence the engagement depth of fitted tapers. So, the rotor seating depth would be the same either way. Myself, I'd prefer to use the key, and make permanent timing marks on the rotor...
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  3. CoconutPete

    CoconutPete 1979 XS650 Special

    Yeah, the key shouldn't cause the rotor to sit in a diff. spot. When I did my PMA, I slapped it on with and without the key and it sat the same way.

    Fun fact, the stock key is bigger than what the TC Bro's kit came with. At first I was kicking myself because I couldn't get the rotor to sit right.
  4. muskallunge

    muskallunge XS650 Enthusiast

    Then what's could be causing the stator to be rubbing on the rotor?
  5. peanut

    peanut XS650 enthusiast & inveterate tinkerer Top Contributor

    show us a picture of the rotor and cover and we might be able to hazard a guess but its difficult to know what part of the rotor is rubbing on what from your description
  6. CoconutPete

    CoconutPete 1979 XS650 Special

    I would re-check your mounting points. Assuming you're using the correct woodruff key, the rotor can only sit one way. Do you have any rogue washers back there or anything?
  7. Ratranger

    Ratranger XS650 Junkie Top Contributor

    Did you remember to pull the pin? I tried putting mine in and forgot that and had a rub.
  8. muskallunge

    muskallunge XS650 Enthusiast

    No rogue washers, no pin, no woodruff. I emailed Hugh and he thinks the Kawasaki Drifter/Vulcan stator is possibly too thick and that's what's causing the rubbing on the interior of the rotor/flywheel. Going to measure mine in comparison to his and we'll see. If so, that's too bad because this stator cost me $30 instead of his $99 but I'm sure his is of much better quality.
  9. retiredgentleman

    retiredgentleman XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    muskallunge..................You think that the Chinese stator being sold by HHB is better quality than a Japanese, Kawasaki stator?????
    I think you have been misinformed.
  10. muskallunge

    muskallunge XS650 Enthusiast

    It's a matter of Hugh knowing what fits. One thing I know for sure is that this Kawasaki stator is too wide and is dragging on the interior of the rotor.
  11. muskallunge

    muskallunge XS650 Enthusiast

    The Kawasaki Drifter/Vulcan stator is too thick for this swap so I ordered the Suzuki VZ800 Marauder stator since it looks like the same stator HHB uses with tighter coiling. It's also on the list of compatible stators for the swap. Let's hope that fixes it. Crank seems fine so I don't think it has walked at all.

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