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Pocket Rocket - Build Thread

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by jdizon, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    I call this build "Pocket Rocket" as it will be lean mean rocket machine! It's got to look like it's doing a TON standing still :)

    This is episode 2 of my bike building saga. My original build, AKA "Dirty Dizon" will be archived here Moving forward I actually plan to get my hands "Dirty" literally and do as much of the work myself. Anything I can't gets farmed out by more knowledgeable people or pass stuff I don't want to do. It's definitely going to be a learning process and I'm really motivated to take this bike to the moon.. BOOOM!

    First order of business is to Disassemble this bad girl. This was the first time I took an engine out and it went without a hitch other than my dolly broke in half after I set it down. It was all I had and it had a 200lb rating :doh:


    The rest of the bike went apart with out any real hiccups other than the swing arm. Took a BFH and a few hours soak in liquid wrench and she slipped right out.

    All parts Bagged and Tagged


    Spent a good hour brushing and DE-greasing the frame.

  2. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    wiseguy swingarm under brace installed. I opted for the pre-welded kit and I'm very pleased with the fit. Well made.

  3. Johnt3

    Johnt3 Still learning...

    So what's the plan for the build jdizon?
  4. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Biggest upgrade would be the power plant as I plan to upgrade to a 750 and rephase :) Every nut and bolt will be cleaned polished and or powder coated.
  5. Johnt3

    Johnt3 Still learning...

    There ya go! A 750 rephase will get ya in trouble fast.:D Glad your getting some grease under your finger nails.:laugh:
  6. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    haha I got plenty of grime this weekend :thumbsup:The misses asked me what the hell happened to my computer hands :laugh:
  7. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Waiting for my wheel conversion kit from Omars. Definitely going to run with 19's out back and maybe 21" up front. We'll see. Might also go with skinnier shocks as these Burly Slammers are to BURLY haha

  8. Johnt3

    Johnt3 Still learning...

    "computer hands":laughing::laughing: Oh well, it cleans up. I hate getting greasy,but I can stand it if it's something I care about working on.:thumbsup:
  9. jmink427

    jmink427 XS650 Junkie

    I'm liking what I see...:thumbsup:
  10. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    You guys are making me laugh.
    I was and have always been, the guy with the most dirt or grease on me at the shop.
    I luv grease and grime:thumbsup:
  11. Johnt3

    Johnt3 Still learning...

    Well hell Carbon, I'm signing you up sir.:D I'm the one in the shop who has the burns,cuts and paint on he's hands. Damn cars are tough on a man my age!:laugh:
  12. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    LOL I really need to take a picture of my hands and post it! haha

    anyone recommend a good pair of mechanic gloves. That cheap latex crap my girl bought me ain't cutting it.
  13. Ditch the glove and scrub up with some lava soap when your done.
  14. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Right on! I'll go look for of that stuff :thumbsup: Thank you.
  15. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    HF has good cheap mech gloves
    If You are going to work in oil n grease first thing is to put hand lotion on first.
    that way Your skinn will soak up to good stuff first.
    Insted of crud. cleanup is much easer.
    and burns,cuts and paint on the hands, Now Your talking my language.
    Now if we could just get our women talking like that it would be time for a beer n smoke.
    I'm just sayin
  16. Downeaster

    Downeaster Everything in XS Top Contributor

    Lava soap is good, but Fast Orange with Pumice is better.

    And good nitrile gloves are your friend. Buy a couple of boxes of them.

    I used to be a tough guy and clean parts in gasoline with my bare hands, and I'm paying the price now.
  17. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    I luv fast orange
    and I use gloves too cleaning parts. I agree with Downeaster
  18. bowser

    bowser XS650 Addict

    What brand tyre and size is that rear?
  19. Lester

    Lester XS650 Junkie

    Nice swing arm!
  20. another good trick, if you don't wear gloves, is to scrape your fingernails over a bar of soap before dirty work, filling the undersides with soap instead of grease and oil. it's not the greatest of sensations but it makes for easy cleanup.

    and, the bike looks great. simple and to the point. I'll be watching how this one turns out, again.
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