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Pocket Rocket - Build Thread

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by jdizon, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic

    what timing I just got home.
    Thanks for the link
  2. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    No problem! Add that Johann sent ya if you get them ;)
  3. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Only one's I got. I'll get some better ones when the pipes are in.



  4. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic

    Johann, I will tell them You sent me.
    the covers give the forks a clean and sturdy look.
    The price is good too. tyvm.
  5. Well, it looks like I am going to have to change mine up a litlle bit! lol

    Mine won't be as nice, but the exact same stance, almost, that I have in my mind.

    Nice ride!
  6. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    No problem Brotha! Yeah I like how they beef up the front! I think they'll look awesome on your bike for sure!
  7. GeorgeKillianLett

    GeorgeKillianLett Pretty new to bikes.

    OK..... Here is my suggestion!
    Do the Chicks on the "Pocket Rocket" shoot and the Redwoods on the "Hard On" Shoot.

    Call it the...... "Morning Wood photo shoot"! :D

    I know! ....juvenile! :laughing:
  8. gigibones

    gigibones XS650 Member

    Continues to amaze! Your attention to detail is paying off!:yikes:
  9. ryamatt

    ryamatt XS650 Addict

    jdizon - you and I made a few friendly jabs at each other in another post about painted-powdercoated engines and cases. I am a fan of the au naturel look of a nicely bead blasted engine. This is definitely an exception to that though - I really dig the immaculate looking natural top end on the the black cases and how it all works with the rest of the bike.

    The only thing that really pisses me off is knowing that this is just 1 of 2 killer bikes you are working on. It's like dating twin supermodels - why can't it be me?!

    I hate you, in the nicest of ways.
  10. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Morning Wood :D Hahaha dude that's effen Genius! Branding at it's best lol

  11. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Thanks Gigi! I've got a few other ideas/details/eyecandy related stuff to implement in some areas of the bike that are pretty cool so stay tuned!

    No worries man and Thanks! I love the natural look too! Just wanted to put some contrast in there. I was planning on painting the whole engine but I wanted to make the top end look like its floating mainly :thumbsup:

    Btw These Supermodels will be ridden hard on the daily :D
  12. The bike looks like a show stopper for sure. Like the tank you have on it now a lot better than the Harley tank. The clip-ons might be uncomfortable on a long ride but for wheel stands and red light to red light should work well. I think I would have put on those straight pipes that were in one of the pictures and be riding that bad boy. That 700 should have no problem out performing the iron head also a fine looking bike. You really built the rocket right on bro. :thumbsup:
  13. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Thanks Scabber! Yeah the clip-ons aren't definitely not for a long ride. Built this bike for city riding mainly. The tank won't get me far either lol! I've already been talking with Livingdeadmc on modified attack bars so there might be some design changes. In terms of the exhaust, planning to run HHB speedster pipes. Just love the look and sound of them!

    Thanks for the feedback and good words man! Appreciated!
  14. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    when you're done you should *attempt* to make a list of all the work you've done. it looks KILLER man! well done
  15. I think you have to STOP now, you making us all look bad!!!:cussing::boxing:

    That looks A-mazing. I would be chuffed to bits if mine came out looking half as good!!

    I first thought it wouldn't work, but the lines and everything else just flows..........

    Well done Johann, pat yourself on the back!!:thumbsup:
  16. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Hahah Thanks man! Took alot of mock ups and multiple tanks etc to get that right flow and stance. I might actually raise the rear shocks 2 inches to give the bike a more aggressive posture tho

    I'll get a spec list of parts and stuff done but mostly put everything in the build thread.
  17. Johnt3

    Johnt3 Still learning...

    Yawn! Are we still talkin' bout this bike?:D:laugh::laugh:
    Get that damn thing done man, I want to see it with some hot models on it!:thumbsup:
  18. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Hahaha will do man! I'll make it happen :thumbsup:
  19. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic

    :laughing: our Brother typed that with the confidence of knowing His Wife aint standing right behind Him. :thumbsup:
    and since no one is right behind me. I want to see it with some hot models on it too!
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2013
  20. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Hahaha you guys crack me up :laugh:

    For the photo shoot theme I was thinking underworld like the video you posted some time back. Chick in all leather skin tight body suit :D I'd save the pin-up style and bikini's to the "hard on" build :thumbsup:


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