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Popping exhaust, Carbon covered plugs and exhaust gaskets....Oh boy

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by aDotInTime, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. aDotInTime

    aDotInTime XS650 Kook XS650.com Supporter

    Hey all. So I found that there were bits of paper towel stuck in the inlet. I was able to crank through enough to get them to burn off. The issue I'm facing now is that Both (but more on the left) exhaust headers are popping pretty consistently. I had a little too much oil in the engine and took some out. I had to replace the carbs as the ones I were using's sleeves weren't seating properly. The carbs are properly jetted. There is a significant amount of carbon and gas on the plugs. There is a significant amount of carbon on the header gasket.

    Is this a carb issue? Is this a timing issue? Is this a compression/leak issue (for some reason I'm only getting 120 psi out of both cylinders).

    I'm running a PAMCO (without e advance), HHB PMA, and 12v battery. Bike fires on first or second kick. The idle is very even and clean. Revving is even and consistent.

    What could be causing there to be carbon and gas on the plugs? SO much carbon on the header gaskets?

    I read a thread about using a rifle cleaning kit to scrub out the exhaust gaskets.

    Could I have a leak somewhere in the head? Is this a valve adjustment issue?

    I'm completely lost at this point, and so close to getting the bike on the road. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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