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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by member3480, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Here are some new parts that I can let go . More colors to come
    Valve covers BLACK or GOLD $100.00 shipped FREE in USA or $75.00 and your covers
    OIL FILTER COVERS Black $45.00 each or $30.00 and your cover shipped FREE in USA
    I have many other parts...... ASK I MAY have it

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  2. Captmilk

    Captmilk XS650 Junkie

    Hey man I'm looking for a rear brake lever and a shift lever if you got em.
  3. I have to look but I think I may have both If I do its going to be $50.00 shipped
  4. Captmilk

    Captmilk XS650 Junkie

    I'm working a deal with another forum member, if it doesn't work out I'll message you.

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