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Rookie to the game. Codename: XS-ive

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 77XSive, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. 77XSive

    77XSive XS650 Member

    Rookie to the game. Codename: XS-ive *NOW W/ PICS!*

    What's up guys. I just purchased a 77' XS6-fiddy and I'm looking for a few pointers on the project. I have an idea on the design of it as it is already partially complete in that regard, but I just wanna get the motor up to snuff and ready to go back in the frame. I've been doing a lot of reading about the PAMCO ignitions and such, but I need it spelled out for me a little better. I prefer a black and white explanation. What all do you guys recommend doing to the ignition, charging, carbs, etc, before I get on the road of assembling this bike? I'm going to go with kick-start only, but I don't want my lights to dim or anything at idle. So with that said, should I run a small battery? Will a capacitor do ok? I'll be running a standard halogen tail lamp, but I'll be using LED pods from Rigid Industries for my headlights. I don't see myself using turn signals yet, but it's not totally ruled out. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few questions so I'll update as I remember them.

    Thanks guys!
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  2. 77XSive

    77XSive XS650 Member

    BTW, pics will be up tomorrow!
  3. 77XSive

    77XSive XS650 Member

    As promised, here are SOME of the pictures.

    Pic #1&2 - This was the previous owner's first stage of his build.

    Pic #3 - Again from the previous owner. Second stage of his build after he got bored of stage one.
  4. 77XSive

    77XSive XS650 Member

    Pic #1 - Then he got bored again and decided to go a little further...

    Pic #2&3 - He hated all those stupid little tabs...

    Pic #4 - So he ditched all those stupid little tabs...

    Pic #5&6 - ...and prepped 'a few' parts...
  5. 77XSive

    77XSive XS650 Member

    Pic #1 - He decided black was a good color...

    Pic #2 - A really...

    Pic #3 - ...really...

    Pic #4 - ...really...

    Pic #5 - ...REALLY...

    Pic #6 - ...good color.
  6. 77XSive

    77XSive XS650 Member

    And that's where the project ended for him. He hasn't touched it for a little over a year. He owns his own powdercoating company and has several other irons in the fire as well. He's built several bikes over the years. He just sold my buddy an 82' KZ550 rat bike (bare essentials and hardtailed) and he still has (2) KZ400 bikes (both are disassembled and one frame is coated, selling the pair), and a KZ650 that's been turned into a drag bike (Needs the rake reduced, selling it too.) and a CB750 somewhere else in the barn. He just sold his wife's chopped, stretched, raked, lowered Buell S1.

    This is where I come in.

    I picked up the pieces for a little bit of nothing and I'm gonna see to it that this thing gets finished.

    The tank is from a 76' CB750. Evidently this is a rare tank since they only made it for 1 year and it's worth about $300. Well, this one has been chopped on a little bit so you'll just have to cry elsewhere.

    The motor after a bit of cleaning...(Those are just a spare set of side covers. The ones I'm using are coated and have the chain ear removed)

    Attached Files:

  7. XSJoel

    XSJoel XS650 Junkie

    Dude, I lived in Warsaw for about 6 months. Worked at Othy and Dalite. 6 months was enough for me, too damn cold!
  8. 77XSive

    77XSive XS650 Member

    Haha, ya learn to live with it. As much as I B***h about the place, I'll never leave.
  9. AceofSpades

    AceofSpades XS650 Addict

    welcome! I am up in South Bend..... don't have a ton of parts or info, but I make up for it in enthusiasim and fearlessness... my 75 is currently under the knife and I am prepping my 81 KZ550LTD for daily riding until the XS is ready

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  10. Rogue21

    Rogue21 XS650 Addict

    Welcome to the forum! I like the style of the bike. You should have no problem finding all the info you need on this site (mostly from members who are much smarter than I). There is a 'Tech' section at the top of the page that you will be able to browse information my topic. As far as PAMCO ignition, if you have the resources, its a great upgrade and should increase reliability. You should be able to find everything in a kit, but make sure you get the one for your engine/year because there are a few different options. Even if you go to a kick only bike, you will still need to run a battery unless you convert your stock charging system. I dont know a whole lot about running without a battery, but if you do, then I believe you would use a capacitor. You will also run into a lot of mention about ditching the old xs650 charging system and upgrading it (known as the PMA or Banshee swap). It increases reliability, but isnt necessary for your bike to run. As far as carbs go, it depends on what type of air filters and exhaust you are running. There is some good info on this in the carb section of the tech page, but when it comes down to it, you will probably have to put in some different jets to dial in your air/fuel mixture.

    SCHMEEL OneEye Designs

    hey hey welcome to the site.

    I live 25 minutes away in Columbia Shitty, Work in Warsaw at biomet and own a 77' also.

    we'll have to hook up one of these days, make sure you check out the thread Indiana members, if you havent already
  12. 77XSive

    77XSive XS650 Member

    Things I need...

    -Seat pan (Skateboard + Upholstery)
    -Controls (Throttle, kill switch, On/Off switch for high beam on headlight, main power for bike switch)
    -Hydraulic Clutch from HHB
    -Tail light
    -MISC. 18ga. wire
    -4 place fuse block w/cover
    -Ballistic Battery

    Probably forgetting some things at the moment. My wallet is gonna be smoking! Especially since I'm buying an 04' Mustang on Saturday! Haha! May as well do it now while I'm 24, single, and no kids right?!
  13. 77XSive

    77XSive XS650 Member

    Things I forgot...

    -Rear Shocks (Have originals with home-brew lowering, but want new)
    -Fork Spacers (2" lower)
    -Full gasket set
    -Carb rebuild kits
    -Speedo cable
    -Front brake lines
  14. 77XSive

    77XSive XS650 Member

    Ordered a few parts today...

    Complete Gasket Set
    HHB PMA Upgrade Kit
    35MM 2" fork lowering spacers
    Footrest rubber dampers
    Fork seals and retainers, o-rings, washers, and Gaitors
    And the allen socket for the lower fork bolt (I hate not having the right tools for the job)

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