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Running without bulky wiring harness?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by drafter89, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Have this 81 xs650, electronic ignition, it didnt come with the wiring harness and I was wondering if I can run it without the huge mess of a harness. All I want to run is a headlight,tailight...no horn, speedo tach, none of that stuff. What all (electrical) components would I need to get this thing running. I have a battery and the coil/plugs and plug wires. Thanks
  2. grantkc

    grantkc XS650 Enthusiast


    This is the diagram I used to make my own harness and cut out redundancies. Use this paired with your manual ( for wire colors) it will be up to you where to place certain things, like ignition and fuse panel along the circuit. Study it, use the simplified version to decide what you need and the manual version (I'm assuming your '81 is a SH, same as mine) to determine wire colors and which redundancies to remove etc.
  3. Woah! Yeah man! So helpful. I appreciate it.
  4. grantkc

    grantkc XS650 Enthusiast

    Make sure you are running heavy enough wire where it needs it. A little searching through that thread and you should find everything you need to know! Good luck! Took me a couple weeks to get it all running again, but if I can do it, anyone can!
  5. Awesome! Thanks. The only thing I dont understand is the ignitor unit and pick-up coil :/ whatever that is lol. Ill do some searchin
  6. grantkc

    grantkc XS650 Enthusiast

    Igniter unit looks like this and is located on the bottom of the battery box (stock)


    P.s. If you don't have one don't pay $500 for one ;)

    And here's everything you need to know about pick up coils

  7. Wow! you all are super helpful. Thanks a ton!
  8. grantkc

    grantkc XS650 Enthusiast

  9. As of now just gathering all the info I can get. I will have time this week to tear into it and figure out what I want to do.
  10. I think im going to buy that chopper harness off mikexs or whatever because thats what I am trying to build. Wonder if that would be easier than buying a bunch of wire and starting from scratch??
  11. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

    The chopper harness you're wanting is from TC Bros, just make sure you buy the right one. Correct pin # coming outta the stator....
  12. Oh ok..I thought I saw it on mikexs. So that pin# is on my stator?
  13. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

    Mikes might sell it to, not sure. What I mean is get the connector to match up to your TCI box, the right # of pins to marry to your TCI...
  14. Oh yeah duhh lol. thanks mate
  15. Its real simple to make up a chopper harness

    3 wires for head light HIGH/LOW/GROUND
    3 wires for tail light BRAKE/RUNNING light/GROUND
    2 wires for horn GROUND/12 volts from switch
    2 wire for rear brake switch 12 volts to switch/WIRE TO TAIL LIGHT
    2 wires for coil and ignition TWO 12 volts wires
    Four position fuse box
    ON/OFF switch -LIGHT switch for h/l
    Horn Button
  16. You are the man Daddy G!:thumbsup: Thanks a ton!
  17. Here's what I came up with for my build. Works flawlessly.
    Any questions or if You want a sharper version get in touch.
    Link here : http://facebook.com/radsloft

  18. Yoozy

    Yoozy XS650 Addict

    Sorry mate, I can see loads of faults in that diagram, no pun intended.
  19. Did you mean my one? Spit it out then - tell me. I'm no electrician - did what i could. I just know it works.
  20. Yoozy

    Yoozy XS650 Addict

    Ignore that bud, I've just put me specks on :laugh:

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