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Show off inside your eletrical boxes

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 3dognate, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. I always see café guys showing off their wiring, but I never see chopper/bobber guys showing off their wiring. I'd like to see how you guys are stuffing your electronics boxes. Especially the oil tank style... are you just stuffing things in insulated and loose or fabbing mounting brackets for stuff? In a forum search I only turned up a couple of examples...

    Trying to come up with some clever ideas for an electrical box... need inspiration. I may or may not run a battery... this is my first bobber.
  2. Johnt3

    Johnt3 Still learning...

    No! You can't see the inside of mine brother. It's a mess in there.:wink2:
    This is all I can show ya man. I made the little tray for the fusebox to two sided tape to.
  3. bonesaw

    bonesaw Huney__Bear


    My battery belt belt battery
  4. grepper

    grepper fiddle futzer

    4X6X2 (I think) Electrical project box mounted under my seat.
    Showing Home made Rectifier, fuse box, and key switch. The Rectifier is under the seat too. Everything else is under the tank.
    Battery mounted under the swingarm
  5. Is that all? Are the rest of you guys that ashamed? ;)

    WELDFAN XS650 Enthusiast

    hahahahah my lack of an electrical box since i got rid of the battery, but my electrical box is going to be a hollowed out battery in a leather case, this is my electrical sight right now (just a sparx cap and fuse block):D

  7. I'm very likely to go battery-less. I think that I can hide my Rec under the motor where the starter motor is located after it's removed. I want to retain Turn signals, because of that, I'll probably use a 7" head lamp and go with ears, There whould be enough room in there to be able to drop the flasher in there. Maybe even a timer and relay for the headlamp to not come on until say 20-30 seconds after power is applied. (No light during kicking =:bike: )

    So that really leaves me needing space for a fuse block, Cap, Key Switch, run/kill switch. Not building a rat bike... so a Chock Full 'o Nuts can isn't going to cut it, need to come up with something attractive but not the usual. That damn E-bomb at Pandemonium looks freaking cool, so does the Pill at MonsterCraftsmen.
  8. taggat

    taggat XS650 Addict

    not really a box but tucked under seat pan.

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    WELDFAN XS650 Enthusiast

    i just felt havin gthe area on mine completely empty and really like the look of my old leather battery case so figured id re purpose the old battery into a plastic shell to put everything in then when in the leather case it will look like im running a battery. luckily i have no mass of electrical to hide so i can also prob use the hollowed out battery to keep my paperwork and some spare fuses/tools:D
  10. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Closest to an electrical box LOL

  11. That is neat Johann! Where did you hide all the bits?!?! Or are they micro sized!!?:D
  12. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Thanks all tucked away. Planning to route everything in frame when I take it down for paint.
  13. sseres

    sseres XS650 Junkie

    Nothing too exciting here, still stock setup, just no more glass fuses. I left the RLU there for nostalgia, but it's not hooked up anymore.
  14. 80brat

    80brat XS650 Addict

    all good but please post more thanks
  15. knucks

    knucks XS650 Enthusiast


    little tray made out of thin, 22ga steel
  16. [​IMG]

    Hoping to put my fuse box and Boyer ignition in it!

    Made out of a biscuit tin.

    WELDFAN XS650 Enthusiast

    hahahahha i like the biscuit can idea.. show some pics when its done. will you have to coat the inside to help prevent rusting? i know the cans come somewhat galvanized but dont think its enough to stand against the elements
  18. MechNewb

    MechNewb XS650 Enthusiast

    Looks good. you might want to add a couple spare fuses into the extra spots. That way if anything ever goes, youve got a spare handy.
  19. You asked for it!!!:D



    I have some neodymium magnets in the knob, to cover the key hole when not in use.


    And yes, inside and out will be painted to prevent rust, as we have such lovely "dry" weather over here!!:laugh:
  20. noears

    noears XS650 Enthusiast

    Ex army ammunition box, over christmas I'm installing my HHB PMA and going battery-less.

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