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For Sale - SOLD -- 1975 XS650 Tracker / Brat / Something-or-other.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by buzzword, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. buzzword

    buzzword XS650 Addict

    Sold locally for my full asking price. Thanks for all your help, helpful people. I'm sure I'll build another one someday! Way too much fun. Leaving this thread here for posterity.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Putting the feelers out there to see if anyone might be interested. I built this thing over the course of a few months last Fall and Winter after my daughter was born, and it was quite an experience! My build thread on this site can be found here - should answer any questions you may have and give you some insight into what kinda weirdo I am. I spared almost no expense in building this thing, and I'm a little scared to add up what I spent on it. Clean California title in my name, and registration paid through March of 2017.

    First, a few recent pictures:

    And for those of you without the temerity to read through my entire build thread - can't blame you there - here's a (mostly) complete maintenance/upgrade/modification list:

    Frame + Suspension
    Included Extras
    • Good condition 1975 Star Black tank - needs to be de-rusted internally, has a few non-creased dents
    • Original engine side covers will be included (L and R)
    • Used GSX-R brake pads with lots of meat - only replaced to match EBC rotors
    • Single outlet breather - haven't had the wherewithall to install this
    • Remaining gaskets from complete gasket set
    • Tach drive + never installed mini tach + cable

    I think that's all of it - now here's the fun part...

    I'm asking $5,500 or best reasonable offer. Shipping is gonna be completely on your dime, but I'll help as much as I can logistically. Local pickup or test rides possible with M1 license + cash in my hand.

    This is based on what I've seen other, similar builds sell for on here and locally. Realistically, this is an EXTREMELY low mileage, very healthy engine and a completely custom frame-up build, and my asking price might cover the cost of parts and a tiny bit of labor. I'm willing to entertain criticism of my price provided you can (a) give me some solid reasoning, and (b) you do so privately via direct message as to not clutter up this thread. I'm FULLY open to feedback, but not open to non-constructive threadsh*tters. If anyone has really compelling reasons why I should sell this for less than what I am asking, I'll totally respond positively + change the price.

    Trades I would consider
    • Small block chevy engine + transmission for my 64 C10
      • Would prefer carbureted 350 or 383 + electronically controlled auto trans
    • Jeep YJ
      • Prefer 4.0L, would consider either 5 speed or auto
    • Late model supermoto
      • DRZ400SM, KTM690SM/560SM, Aprilia SXV 5.5, Husqvarna 610SM
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2016
  2. CoconutPete

    CoconutPete 1979 XS650 Special

    I enjoyed your build. Good luck with the sale.
    buzzword likes this.
  3. natek

    natek XS Obsessed

    What would you take for just the 75 tank (if you'd sell alone)?
  4. buzzword

    buzzword XS650 Addict

    I'd take $5500 and you can have a free 75 XS with it :)
  5. buzzword

    buzzword XS650 Addict

    might as well BUMP

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  6. buzzword

    buzzword XS650 Addict

    Re-listed on CL and eBay.
  7. buzzword

    buzzword XS650 Addict

    Sold locally via CL for my full asking price.
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