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star firestar 9mm pistol

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bergoff, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. bergoff

    bergoff XS650 Addict

    So today at work was talking with a guy about guns and shooting trap. He said that his dad was a huge gun collector and he had all rifles and shotguns but he had 3 pistols. One was a star 9mm that didn't fit his hand that were oven mits. He said it was only shot a few times and he asked me if I would be interested in buying it. He wanted to check and see what the gun was worth and he would get back to me. I have read some about them and they seem to be decent and heavy as hell with not to much recoil. I have been looking at getting a 9mm for sometime. Does anyone have any input about these pistols?
  2. Tomterrific

    Tomterrific XS650 Junkie

    My opinion only: I used to get the feeling that Spainish guns were serviceable but cheaply manufactured. The mechanisms were not as precise as the guns that they copied. I had a Llama .45 pistol and it was loose and not as accurate as I would have liked. The ejector would miss the case and jam the slide until the ejector was worked on. Very reliable from that point on until the ejector finally broke after many rounds through the gun. The Llama and the Star were very inexpensive when they were new. Still, pick it up if the price is right.

    As a first handgun, I can only suggest a revolver. The act of manually getting the gun to fire gives great insight into how a handgun works and the owners relation to it. Plus revolvers are much cooler than Autos. Kind of like compairing an XS650 to a new 400 commuter bike.

  3. bergoff

    bergoff XS650 Addict

    I have 2 .22 pistols one is a bearcat revolver and the other is a ruger mkII. I only target shoot and want a 9mm so the wife can handle it also. She has taken an interest is shooting also.
  4. Fatman

    Fatman XS650 Addict

    :D got the wife a pink 38 :bike:
  5. Last edited: Sep 14, 2011
  6. It would depend on the price for me...

    Unless its just an awesome deal, I would just pass..

    There are plenty of pistols available for a few hundred.. Then, you can actually pick out something you like, instead of settling for something just because its available.
  7. Tomterrific

    Tomterrific XS650 Junkie

    My favorite center fire is a S&W .38 with 6" barrel. I reload with a small charge of shotgun powder (fast burning) and a heavy wad cutter. Soft distinct recoil, quiet and accurate. I have the same .38 in an 8 3/38" barrel. My favorite .22 is an early 40's H&R revolver with a target grip. Next is a small SS 9 shot Tarus revolver with rubber grips, great camp and play gun. I have a Ruger MKII SS target pistol with the bull barrel. It's very accurate but not as much fun to shoot. Kind of like a Maytag, it does it's job well but "ho hum".

    I also have a Berretta 92FS. Maytag on steroids and accurate too. The .38s are more fun to shoot but the Beretta would be better in a movie gun fight.

  8. :guns:I had a 9MM star about 36 years ago it would hit what you aimed at . Used to shoot the old steel jacked amo left over from the war german luger shot the same round. I think it was $5.00 a box of 50 rounds. The 1st wife got the drop on me one night she didn't know you had to pull back on the mag. load first bullet and you were good to go. I wouldn't be here today If she did. I got rid of the gun and the wife and the shortly after. I wouldn't buy any woman a gun pink or otherwise let them buy their own murder weapon. My advice :guns::guns:
  9. ArcherSix

    ArcherSix XS650 Enthusiast

    The Star's are pretty good guns. Like some have said here, buy it if the price is right. Personally I wouldn't go over 250, but I'm cheap ;-)

    Also, keep in mind that those guns haven't been imported in quite some time and some parts just don't exist out there if something breaks.
  10. Holy shit! Are you kidding me? She tried to kill you?

    bergoff, If you plan to shoot a lot, for as much money as ammo costs these days, you might as well just get the gun you want since ammo will cost more than the gun, and you'll be shooting it out of the gun you want. :twocents:
  11. xjwmx

    xjwmx It's just the unknown. Top Contributor

    I'd write up a receipt with the sn and the neighbor's signature on it. How much fun a gun is directly related to how accurate it is. Most pistols aren't real accurate. Even when you've mastered pistol technique. If you just want it for security and not to shoot, a large cal revolver would be better. With a revolver make sure it has a mechanism to keep it from firing if the hammer gets hit from behind, such as when it's dropped.
  12. Liftrat

    Liftrat XS650 Enthusiast

    I've got a Star Firestar in 40 S&W; after a trigger job and night sights, I've been pretty happy with it. Durable, controllable, and no problems so far. As ArcherSix mentioned, parts might be a problem, but nothing's broken on mine yet.
  13. the Stars are good pistols. Star has been making auto pistols for a long time.
  14. bergoff

    bergoff XS650 Addict

    I've tried to get in touch with the guy to try to close the deal but no luck so far. I might might as well save my cash like Travis said and get what I really want and that's a Ruger sr9. I'm a Ruger fan and have a few already. Here is my Ruger mkii which is my favorite gun at the moment. [​IMG]
  15. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic

  16. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic

  17. bergoff

    bergoff XS650 Addict

    I was at a awesome gun shop in Belevidere IL and they had a Star Firestar 9mm for $320. It was in great shape. And after handling the gun I really liked it. So I decided to call the guy one last time and see what he had to say. He said he would take $225 and he would also give me 200 12ga shells that have a trap load in them. And I can take it to the range and try it out. But he wont be back for 2 weeks. So I'll keep you posted.
  18. jd750ace

    jd750ace Front Toward Enemy

    We took many star 9MM pistols off dead Iraqis. They worked better than our Berettas. They are well made pistols, reliable and accurate.
    I have a Ruger GP100, after having about 30 autos, it impresses me more, as long as you buy full stonk ammo, and not the LITE shit everybody started making when the 5 shot pistols came out 20 years ago. Elmer Kieth pushed a 160 grain bullet at 1550 FPS in 1935, and it would bust an engine block! That's what a .357 gets you!
  19. bergoff

    bergoff XS650 Addict

    Thanks for your service. Well we never made the deal happen. When he said to not worry about where it cane from I passed. I've been I've been shooting a lot lately. I've been borrowing my friends 1911 and love it. But not the cost of ammo. He has reloading equipment but I don't have time for that. I've been leaning toward a 1911 22 so I can teach my son to shoot also. After all I just shoot paper and golf balls which are fun to watch them dance.

    I did pick up a cheap star 9mm largo for $40. It shoots great and is older than hell. I've been looking for surplus ammo crap so I don't have to reload and scrounge for my brass.
  20. Rick1450

    Rick1450 PUTTIN,...what else?

    I have Ruger Mark II bull barrel. Great gun.

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