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For Sale - Thad’s ‘77D

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by tzimmerm, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. tzimmerm

    tzimmerm XS650 Junkie XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Iowa City
    Hello all. Shits getting real and I am prepping for hard times. I have two bikes right now and as much as I love my XS, my Suzuki Bully is just more practical and dependable, and thus, I am seriously considering selling my XS. If I sell it, I have lots of extras that go along with it, so I feel my asking price is fair. This post is kind of a test the waters kind of thing. If I have enough serious offers, then I will probably be persuaded to sell. Financial security Unfortunately trumps the luxury of owning a classic bike On my priority list right now. Many of you are familiar with my bike, but here is a list of all work done and extra parts.
    ‘77 XS650 D
    Around 35,000 miles. (Speedo was swapped for around 3k)
    Rebuilt carbs with NEW rubber diaphragms
    New intake manifolds from Mikes
    Complete PAMCO E-ignition With E-advance setup (the all in one setup; no blue box) including dual output coil and new wires
    Rebuilt wheels- Trued with New spokes/nipples from Mikes, new wheel bearings from All Balls. Front and rear.
    New front and rear sprockets
    New X-Ring chain
    Polished front fork legs, new seals from Mikes and new fluid.
    New fork boots
    Tapered steering stem bearings from All Balls
    Texavina custom seat.
    Aftermarket rear shocks
    Heiden tuning oil cooler/sidemount paper oil filter upgrade
    New clutch friction plates, clutch springs, clutch spring retainer bolts
    Oil/filter changed every 1k miles
    New IRC tires with less than 600 miles on them.
    Internal Glass “Counteract” balancing beads so tires will never need rebalanced and no ugly weights on rims or spokes.
    New clutch/throttle cables
    Braided steel front brake cable
    Rebuilt front caliper
    Bike had an aftermarket brake lever when I bought it.
    New front pads and Rear shoes last year
    Original paint on tank and frame
    New commando style muffler/tailpipes on original headpipes.
    New AGM battery, new carbon brushes.
    Basically the only upgrade left to do is the rear swing arm bushings.
    All original parts have been kept;
    Original grips, seat, bars, points plate, ignition wires, intake manifolds, cables, Spokes, bearings, original exhaust, and other misc parts have been retained and will be included with sale.
    Also included will be a Vintage rear backrest/sissy bar. Chrome is good, the vinyl on the seat is cracked at the edges. I took it off when I first got the bike and have never remounted it.
    Also the black short euro bars shown in these pics I mounted earlier this year and then took off because of my shoulder injury.
    ALSO I have one of Jims rewound rotors that I bought from him a year ago and never got around to replacing. It hasn't even been opened; still has his address on the wrapping. That will be included with the sale or I will sell it separately for the price I paid.

    This is basically someones chance to buy a great running original survivor that has had EVERY major Modern upgrade and maintenance job already done for them, done RIGHT, with the one exception of the swing arm bushings, and with all the original vintage parts, so if you really wanted to make it an original museum piece, you could.
    All in one sale.
    With that said, I am Asking 3,200 for everything listed here and more that I’m sure I forgot to mention.
    The cost of all the upgrade parts alone is near 1,000.00
    Depending on interest and offers I will make my decision in the coming months.
    She was a calendar queen for last years Calendar. More pics can be found in that thread and on my other threads.
    Hope everyone is doing okay. I miss my time on the forum.
    Bike is shown both with chrome buckets and buckhorns, and black buckets with black euro bars. Currently has black buckets and chrome buckhorns; extra bars and buckets will be included with sale.
    9A4852C0-D956-4558-9E1F-46BEA94827E2.jpeg 42DA3C83-05D0-48E3-8EBA-DBFCEBAC48FC.jpeg
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2020
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  2. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    Oh, I knew you’d been drawn to the dark side of modern bikes! Haha! :laugh2: Your new Suzuki fits you. You did a great job restoring your bike , it was fun to watch it come together. Good luck with your sale and your future endeavors!
  3. tzimmerm

    tzimmerm XS650 Junkie XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Iowa City
    Thanks mailman. I’m not totally decided, but like my post says, if I have to make a choice it is really hard. I can’t imagine not having a bike at all. Check out some of my recent customizations- I’m making it a tribute to my old Lincolns. Vintage Trunk lock cover for the gas key on the dash and Vintage badges. Whitewalls and a 60’s Continental Hood ornament are next on the list.
    7CFE9B56-5708-40E2-8A0C-0B7FC1F8F52B.jpeg 767105DE-2E8A-42D8-BDCA-60290DF69E90.jpeg
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  4. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    I like it! That big Suzuki is a great cruiser! Looks sharp too. :geek:

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