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The new life of a 72' XS II - Build thread

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Ketchup Pusher, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    I think it looks nice, it’s not as if you’re doing factory restoration. Rock on brother! :cool:
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  2. kshansen

    kshansen XS650 Junkie Top Contributor

    They look good to me! Would have been a nice option for my ride-to-work XS650/Sidecar outfit! Well except that system would have probably cost more than the rest of the outfit!

    Now if someone has a functional but some what ratty version of that exhaust for cheap I might be tempted to use it if or when I get around to putting together my next XS650 outfit.
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  3. Heinz Ketchup

    Heinz Ketchup Wrench, Ride & Repeat

    Haven’t really had any time on hand, but I managed to get a few things done ✅

    I used the lathe to cut the front axle to the proper spec:
    Fabricated a battery box, just need to finish the mounting points and weld a center rod to hold the battery (plus rubber around the battery and at the mounting points).
    I fabricated a temporary bracket for the new speedo and mounted it - looks stellar. Plus routed the new stainless braided brake line.
    B235DBAF-18C0-4FF3-BD0A-2955F49C6CB5.jpeg 525BA569-AE2B-4BF9-8C68-959800783CAE.jpeg 99E78F2A-3A92-4959-A992-B129A6C90B9D.jpeg
    I love how simple the wiring looks up front, not the easiest task to hide stuff under the tank, with the Boyer ignition and wires but satisfying.

    First exam is on Wednesday, so hopefully I’ll have time to finish it soon.
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