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Tire size Info ????

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mhanks71, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. mhanks71

    mhanks71 80 Chopped XS

    So my 80xs has a 3.50 S19 4PR front tire on it now. Is this the same as a 100/90/19 ?? Also I'm trying to save a few bucks so Shinko's or Kenda's ?? Any advice is welcome .
  2. WindLvr

    WindLvr XS650 Enthusiast

    The 3.50 S19 4PR = 3.50 inch wide tire 19 inch rim 4 ply rating....the S is the speed rating

    The 100/90/19 tire goes like this...the 100 is 100mm wide(3.94 inches wide)/the 90 refers to the sidewall...it is 90% of the width making it 90mm(3.54 inches high)/ and the 19 is the size of the rim making total height of the tire 26.08 inches. This would make the circumference of this tire = 81.89 inches. Compare to the runout of your current tire...And you should be set.

    You can measure tht circumference of your other tire by taking a string and wraping it arund hte outisde and measuring it. That would be the runout

    I hope t his helps in some way shape or form.
  3. DirtyErnie

    DirtyErnie Renaissance Hick

    Bridgestone Spitfire S11? Picked up a pair on the motorcycle superstore page, looks like some real bang-for-the buck to me.
    WindLvr has the tire size info spot on, 100/90-19 front, 130/90-16 rear on the alloy 'mag' rims
  4. mhanks71

    mhanks71 80 Chopped XS

    Thanks guys. How much for the spitfires Dirty ?
  5. mhanks71

    mhanks71 80 Chopped XS

    Nevermind. Lol. Looked them up. You think there better tires than the Shinko's ?
  6. cmattina1

    cmattina1 XS650 Addict

    yeah, i like em too.
  7. PetesPonies

    PetesPonies XS650 Addict

    I have the Spitfires on my XS and got Shinkos for my Sporster. Both are very decent tires.
  8. DirtyErnie

    DirtyErnie Renaissance Hick

    I think it was around $130 for both tires, and another $89 for an EK brand o-ring chain. I finally got the bike back on its feet last weekend. Need to get the electricals straightened out, forks re-built, and brake rotors drilled. Then I can maybe ride the damn thing. And if the 58-hour weeks keep coming it might be November. :(
  9. sivarTi

    sivarTi XS650 Enthusiast

    Bought the Shinko's last night, searched all over and ended up buying them from JC Whitney. They asked for a PROMO code so I google searched, try AWESOME. I got the tires shipped for under 107.00 front and rear. 110/90 19 and 130/90 16. Should be here thursday, wish my bike was ready...

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