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Sold / Found / Inactive - Titled 1977 XS650 project – LOTS of factory/aftermarket parts, two engines, three gas tanks...

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Shogun187, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Shogun187

    Shogun187 XS650 Member

    I have too many other projects/restorations going on so this one has to go.

    The frame is currently in roller form with a factory engine, wheels, fork, TC Bros mini ape handlebars, Biltwell Whiskey throttle, Dime City Choppers Clutch lever.

    The frame started as a 1977 XS650. Visual Impact welded and installed their brat kit along with Progressive 412 shocks (11”). They also welded the kickstand.

    Two complete engines will be included:

    A factory engine from a 1979 XS650 engine with 9673 miles on it; will include original carbs, charging system.

    A tuned engine from a 1977 XS650 which includes the following modifications: 277 rephased crank and cam by Hugh’s Handbuilt, 1st oversize pistons – the boring/honing, and headwork were all done by Hoos Racing which includes new valve guides, springs, etc.; Mikuni VM 34 carbs (tuned by TC Bros), Pamco ignition kit, Hugh’s Handbuilt PMA, new seals, bearings, gaskets throughout; new cam-chain, chain guide, new clutch plates, clutch springs, LC Fab clutch retainers. I installed this engine, ran it for about ten minutes total.

    I have a ton of parts, some of which I’m sure I’m forgetting. Here’s what I can think of just off the top of my head – new HHB bolt-on oil cooler, new HHB brake lever/master cylinder, TC Bros 7/8” mini apes, HHB Motor Mounts (top and bottom), new TC Bros aluminum intake manifold, HHB Speedster Pipes, TC Bros Two into One Throttle Cable, new AntiGravity battery, spare side cover (clutch side), chrome Frisco bars, factory handle bars, TC Bros Forward Controls Kit, HHB weld-on rear brake mount, three gas tanks – one raw, unprimered BSA Bantam D1/D3 tank, one mid-tunnel Frisco Wassell tank (primered), and one factory Yamaha tank (yellow), HHB weld on headlight mount, Eastern Beaver PC-8 kit,

    I still also have several factory parts like exhaust pipes, factory sear, air filter covers, rear pegs, a sissy bar, engine crash guards.

    Everything listed above (and some parts I’m sure I’ve forgotten about) will be included.

    Hoping to get $3500 but I’m also open to reasonable offers – so let’s work something out. I just want to get rid of everything. Item is located in Columbia, Maryland; I won’t be able to ship. Please PM or Email me at WMartin8446@gmail.com for pics.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  2. Shogun187

    Shogun187 XS650 Member

    Now selling the modded engine separately - $750
  3. I'll take the engine
  4. Shogun187

    Shogun187 XS650 Member

    The following items have sold: modded engine, TC Bros Two into One Throttle Cable, new AntiGravity battery,TC Bros aluminum intake manifold, HHB Speedster Pipes, HHB bolt-on oil cooler.

    I am now willing to part stuff out, so feel free to make me offers on what you see. Or, I'll sell everything for $2,500.
  5. Infantilebehavior

    Infantilebehavior InfantileBehavior

    Definitly pm'd u first about that engine....what happened???
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  6. littlebill31

    littlebill31 Smells of Raw Fuel

    I pm'd about stock '79 engine
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  7. Infantilebehavior

    Infantilebehavior InfantileBehavior

    He just let me know the rephased he sold it on another forum...bummer...
  8. Shogun187

    Shogun187 XS650 Member

    Everything is back up for sale except for the modded engine - it was stolen out of the back of my truck.
  9. longtallrider

    longtallrider XS650 Enthusiast

    Do you have any header pipes , what is the condition of the exhaust pipes ? any pics ?

    Cheers Ron
  10. Infantilebehavior

    Infantilebehavior InfantileBehavior

    Really? If u would sold me engine a week ago I could put it to some use....fucking theives! So what exactly is everything? U listed a bunch stuff sold....do u have the speedster pipes still?
  11. cloudbreakmd

    cloudbreakmd 1979 Yamaha XS650 Special

    Do you have pictures of the frame?
  12. cloudbreakmd

    cloudbreakmd 1979 Yamaha XS650 Special

    I should add... do you have any info on your motor (the one that was stolen)? Do you have the serial number, pictures, etc? Just trying to help.
  13. BadMoto

    BadMoto XS650 Dummy

    Damn man........that sure must have felt like a bullet in the butt.:banghead:
  14. Shogun187

    Shogun187 XS650 Member

    Sorry gents, haven't been able to check my PMs as frequently of late and gmail doesn't always notify me when I get a new one. As of right now, everything is still available with the exception of the modified engine.
    I do have some pics of it, but I'm guessing whoever took it is going to scrap it. "Scrap metal" is quite popular among local sh*theads in our area.
    I'll try and get some pics of the various stuff and post it. In the mean time, if you send me a question and I don't respond immediately, don't take it personally. I'll try to be better about checking this thread.
  15. BadMoto

    BadMoto XS650 Dummy

    Are you serious dude.....this keeps getting worse. There would have been some solace thinking that whoever lowlife stole it would put that beautiful thing to some good use but scrap, SCRAP???
    cloudbreakmd likes this.
  16. Infantilebehavior

    Infantilebehavior InfantileBehavior

    Nobody stealing a completely rebuilt engine for scrap....not worth the time dragging it around. I've been in scrap business forever... It weighs 180lbs?...scrap it worth a few bucks....if your lucky... Stuff was sold...but now its for sale again...maybe....
  17. Infantilebehavior

    Infantilebehavior InfantileBehavior

    Looks like every other Xs engine in the world...do u have papers or the serial # from it??? That sucks man!
  18. Infantilebehavior

    Infantilebehavior InfantileBehavior

    I can no longer buy this engine by the sounds.....still haven't answered any questions..does everything mean u still have the speedster pipes? Battery? I see the billet carb holders were on it...those r gone..

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