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Tool Kit

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by inxs, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. inxs

    inxs xx

    - youre heading off, alone, to a weekend rally
    - the round trip is ca 1111 km
    - roads...autobahn to dirt road mixed
    - weather variable, showers to fine periods
    - youve just finished putting this machine together, long hours schrauben, successfully test-riden for about 40 km

    - what do you take and how do you take it?
  2. Depends on the bike your riding and how much storage space you have. I'm assuming you're talking about an XS650 with no saddle bags or tank bag. If you have a stock seat or rear rack, you could bungie a small bag to that. If not, then I guess you're left with a back pack. I'm assuming you're staying in a hotel for the night.

    For tools, I'd bring:
    • 8, 10, 12, and 14 mm combo wrenches
    • Socket wrench with the same sized sockets as above, spark plug socket, 3 inch extension
    • A couple of hex keys or a hex sockets, (don't remember common sizes used on the XS)
    • A screwdriver with interchangeable tips
    • An adjustable wrench
    • Needle nose pliers
    • Fuses (whatever type you use on your bike)
    • If you have room (or don't trust your wiring), electrical tape, small wire strippers, some wire, and small multimeter
    • Multi-tool like Leatherman Wave
    Other stuff:
    • Wallet with cash, license, credits card(s)
    • Cell phone and charger
    • Change of clothes (pair of jeans and t-shirt)
    • Extra socks and underwear (for if it rains)
    • Maybe light rain gear if you have it
    • Toothbrush and deodorant
    I'm sure I forgot a few things.
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  3. Trex

    Trex XS650 Addict

    might add a lil bailing wire and bungees..spare goggles just in case.
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  4. jay760

    jay760 XS650 Junkie

    definately the bailing wire the last two decent length rides I did, on the first the flange sheared on the exhaust, had to go and buy a clothes hanger and pull it all as tight as possible,on the second the bracket for the silencer snapped, so you might want to take a wire clothes hanger, you could put it in the back of your jacket, and a mobile phone, thats the most important thing, you look pretty stupid down a country lane in the middle of nowhere shouting HELP!!!
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2009
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  5. inxs

    inxs xx

    - a quick look at my tool roll...there're some things missing - eg. 1st aid kit

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  6. doubletrouble

    doubletrouble XS650 Enthusiast

    i was just going through my tool kit and was wondering what the very small wrench is for that has the three feeler gauges on it. I can't read the markings on them. I was wondering if they are used to adj. the valves. I don't have an owners manual either.
  7. BigGeorge

    BigGeorge XS650 Addict

    No matter what you take, what you dont have is what you will need when you break down. I have learned to travel light. A cell phone and a good buddy on the other end with a pick up truck is all you really need......... BG
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  8. 650Skull

    650Skull SSSSSSSSSlither Top Contributor

    the three feeler gauges are for the valves and spark plug, can't remember what the spanner fits, it's not the tappets as they have a different tool

    Attached Files:

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  9. twinsarehot

    twinsarehot fu*cking lurker

    Def. a good choice to bring a shit ton of zip ties and it's always nice to have a variety of small tools for "on the go" purposes. I tend to keep them separated from my garage tools.
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  10. littlebill31

    littlebill31 Smells of Raw Fuel

    Not sure if it's in INXS' kit, but a little roll of tie-wire. A little wire really helps. I lost a clutch cable, wire saved me. And it's small and lite.
  11. I'd take the Beemer and leave the unproven one home.:shrug:
  12. Be sure to take a spare Hall effect sensor, and a new final drive........:wink2:
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  13. hahahaha.

    I always pack some extra M6,M8, bolts etc. These bikes love to rattle things loose.
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  14. XSLeo

    XSLeo XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    I just got a stock tool kit. The small feeler gauges are .004, .006, .007, .014. I didn't find markings, I measured. So the .004 and .006 are valves. The .014 the points. The .007 I think is just there to add to the rest to gap plugs. The total of all are .031.
    The stock tool kit gives you most of the tools you need for road side repairs and regular maintenance. Regular tools work better but the kit works and stores on the bike out of the way and easy to get to.
    Carrying a few extras don't hurt.
    Get in as much shake down riding in between now and the time you leave. If it seems ok ride it. If you still have reservations ride something else.
    A longer ride like that will definitely up the confidence level.
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  15. XSLeo

    XSLeo XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    1111 km's is some where around 700 miles, right? that 300 miles one way, two and a half tanks of gas. thats just an afternoons riding with no place to go.
    Just go. The bike will take it.
    Maybe better than you will.
  16. I'll take my chances...
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  17. xjwmx

    xjwmx It's just the unknown. Top Contributor

    One thing not to forget is a tire repair kit and pliers and a foot pump ($10 walmart). If you're tubeless. When I leave town I take that, a spare ignitor, spare reg/rect, spare coil, spare fuses and bulbs. Some wire, tape, tiny pocket meter that was nerd-sexy back in the day, and the standard tool kit of wrenches and etc. that came with the bike. If you have to repair a tire, don't ride it like that long; get a new one. Also a pistol and a cell phone, if that counts as tools. They're metal anyway. And the ever present locking pocket knife that was a gift back in '78.
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  18. Rourko

    Rourko XS650 Member

    Hi, do you know where I can find the valve adjuster wrench right above the pliars in the picture of the original tool kit?
  19. tshadow6

    tshadow6 XS650 Addict

    I pack my Cruz Tools Metric Roadside mechanic set. I strap my combination Bowie knife/12" adjustable wrench to my belt, slide my .380 into it's holster and suit up in my regular kit. I make sure my cell phone is charged daily and I keep some spare $$$ along with a credit card and keys around my neck.
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  20. DogBunny

    DogBunny Motorcychologist Top Contributor

    See above link.
    If you want a vintage original one like in 650Skull's picture, I have an extra for $20, shipped.
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