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TX650 Rebuild.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by toglhot, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. toglhot

    toglhot XS650 Member

    Hey all, I'm a new member with a TX650. I bought it about three months ago advertised as a barn find. This will be a long term rebuild, I'm in no hurry because I'll never be able to ride it: I have RA which affects my hands and arms badly so I've lost use of them to a very large degree. I'm 68 anyway so I don't have any thoughts of pulling monos. Always been in to bikes, last one was a Bonny which I sold 19 years ago. I won best Triumph with this Bonny at the Darwin Bike Show.
    The TX had a largish hole in the upper crankcase half above the sprocket. When I finally got around to having a look I found the top half of the shifter drum bearing housing was also broken off. I managed to find a second hand crankcase for $350, The new price being $750 - these are Oz dollars by the way.
    I've removed the engine and stripped it down. So far I've blasted the cases and top end in preparation for painting. Carbs have been blasted and I've also done some polishing: engine side covers, cam chain adjuster housing, carb tops and dipstick. It takes me a long time to do these jobsdue to the RA and it is very painful, I really pay for any heavy work.
    The bike came with a few other bits and pieces: Two sets of wheels one spoked the other set mags. It also came with another set of carbs and side covers. Side covers aren't of much use looks like the bike been dropped at some stage.
    After tearing engine apart I measured everything and to my surprise everything is within spec, the bore has hardly worn, valve seats are great, crank is great. Not what I was expecting, but then again it's only done 34,000 klms.
    Anyway here's a swag of pics.

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  2. WBacon

    WBacon XS650 Member

    It looks like you’ve got a great start on things. All those parts look so good after a good cleaning. The beginning of a nice restoration project. I look forward to it, well done.
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  3. gggGary

    gggGary Stop that! XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Wow you sound dedicated and off to a good start! Can't tell off hand, a 73 TX650 or a 74 TX650A? big differences in those 2 engines! That's the worst breakage from a worn chain sprocket slip I've seen so far. Congratulations on taking on such a big project. Sharp Bonnie too.
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