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Valve Clearance

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by harmonc, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. harmonc

    harmonc XS650 Member

    I have an 83 xs 650, what is the intake and exhause valve clearance?

    Thanks Chris
  2. cooltouch

    cooltouch XS650 Addict

    0.004" E and 0.002" I, I believe. You really need to buy yourself a Clymers and/or Haynes manual, and go to biker.net and d/l the factory manuals there.
  3. I'm running .004" in and .006" exhaust on my '83.
    Yeah, you really need a manual. A spare parts bike is great to have too! HA!
  4. BklynMatt

    BklynMatt XS650 Member

    I have each of them the engine is a 650 h according to the vin
    the table on pg-10 of haynes lists
    xs 1 B xs 2
    tx 650
    xs650 B
    XS 650 C
    (forgive the caps , funky keyboard)
    thanks for responding
    anyone with a 650 h 81 special?
  5. weekendrider

    weekendrider Iron Horse cowboy

    Maybe I'm not understanding your question.
    The list you refer to is refferencing models.
    If it isn't listing an H model it's because you have old manuals (pre- 81).
    SK 83
    SJ 82 (the heritage special in black)
    SH 81
    SG 80
    SF, 2F, and the F '79 (the only year 3 models were produced)
    E '78
    and so forth.
    The correct settings for your model is I .0025" (.06mm) E .006" (.15mm) .
    I had given the wrong numbers off the cuff, the edit was to correct these.
    My appologies Bklynmat
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2010
  6. BklynMatt

    BklynMatt XS650 Member

    my haynes covers 70 through 83 n& clymer is also covering these years
    they just don't clearly state the H-models these are frustrating documents
    like regarding electrical, they go into depth about points etc & then clymer has a supplement for after 80 models, actually I wnt to biker as was suggested & under H model they speced .06mm & .15mm exhaust, this is what mine is set to but i feel it is off
    Thank You Weekend for your input I appreciate all the advice
  7. twinsarehot

    twinsarehot fu*cking lurker

    horray for search bars.
  8. 5twins

    5twins XS650 Guru

    Accepted practice is to use .003" intake and .006" exhaust for all models. Yamaha changed the specs during the 15 year production run almost more times than you can count and there really seems to be no reason as to why. The motor was basically the same the whole time.

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