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What have you done to your XS today?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by I am Carbon, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. jradvantage

    jradvantage XS650 Addict

    Installed clubman bars and rear sets just for kicks. Mini-torture rack for an old guy like me, but it is kind of fun.
  2. gggGary

    gggGary Horsepower; just noise 'til the tire hooks up. Top Contributor XS650.com Supporter

  3. Jim

    Jim "No...Try not. Do ... or do not. There is no try." Top Contributor XS650.com Supporter

    Calendar girl?
  4. JAX71224

    JAX71224 jax71224

    Today I have done nothing to my xs but tonight I will RIDE! Had to work today and need to go back into town and pick up a prescription for grandson tonight, so a ride it is....... I just got this old 'tracker back on the road last thursday after 6 years of sitting idle. A kid in an f150 pulled out in front of me one night coming home from work at 1:30 AM and I hit him in the side hard enough to bend the lower triple clamp and fork tubes. Also minor dents in tank and probably others yet to be found! I came out of this with both arms really fouled up. A big rotator cuff injury to the left and badly dislocated right shoulder! The left has healed itself but the right is still all f'ed up. If insurance had been more generous the right would have been surgically repaired. The driver in the truck sped away in a cloud of tire smoke leaving me dazed and injured in the wrong lane of a normally busy state road!! I finally got on my feet and pushed the bike onto a side road and got a ride home for the wife to take me to the ER. At the hospital, I told them the story of the hit-and-run but no law enforcement was involved. I called the local sheriffs office the next day to report it and they were too busy to send an officer to my home and I was too sore and banged up to go there so no documentation was made. I sat in the car watching the road for that truck for a lot of nights with the cell phone and a BIG pistol, not sure which one I would use if that truck came by but not happening............probably good for me AND him...................But the next sumbitch that does me that kind of harm better stand for it and take care of the damages or GOD help us both because I carry now...................
  5. Today received some parts for my new 76 all the way from my native Holland:


    I just bought it on Saturday and it's in good shape but needs some TLC. Waiting on some other parts and will soon be riding it every third day (sharing with my two other bikes)

    Attached Files:

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  6. geedubya

    geedubya geedubya XS650.com Supporter

    G'day CK,

    Would I be rude to ask what you paid??

    Mine is nice but, I think you got a real gem there, you lucky dawg.

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  7. Sure, no problem. Prices here in southern California on CL seem quite a bit higher than most other places, as a few other really nice, low miles ones were gone before I could get to them. Asking prices between 3,500 and 4,500 are standard, for nice bikes (1,500 for the rougher ones). I paid $3,850 and feel good about that price, there's not a spot of rust, it runs and shifts really smooth and even has the original toolkit, it's all original with 4,800 miles. Last owner had it since 05 and seems barely ever rode it. I plan to keep it for many years and use it for regular commuting around LA. I've already gotten more compliments on it in one day than in six months on my modern BMW.
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  8. geedubya

    geedubya geedubya XS650.com Supporter


    You got a really nice machine there at a very good price.

    Stay on the forum and let us know what you are doing to that lovely young lady...........do not hesitate, pictures and lots of words.

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  9. CBJamie


    Found the rear tire flat on Gemma last evening:( After inspection located a paneling nail in the tire. Will be replacing the tube this weekend.
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  10. Thanks, yes, will do, I will start a new thread with regular updates and pictures.
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  11. Dave Sanz

    Dave Sanz XS650 New Member

  12. lakeview

    lakeview XS650 Guru Top Contributor XS650.com Supporter

    OK, so what happens when you send off an order big enough to get free shipping and you forget those couple $2.25 o-rings that was a major part of the reason for the order.
    Research the site and find 5Twins description of the o-ring specs. Thank you 5T, as I was able to go into a hydraulic hose repair shop, show the counter guy the print out and when he said how many ya need?, it made my day.
    $2.00 for 8, all he had left! 20181012_184833.jpg
  13. azman857

    azman857 '80 XS 650SG Rider Top Contributor

    As I have stated before, my centerstand tang broke. Welds busted. I stopped in Star Cycle this afternoon. They used to have a great salvage uhhhh, used parts yard. Anyway, Mick keeps a XS parts shelf. On it was a used but solid centerstand and a rear fender with a stoplight (from a Standard?) complete with the reflectors. The price is very attractive.
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  14. angus67

    angus67 Welder's penetrate deeper!!

    Sold for $500. 1.5 over powder coated wheels. New spokes, new bearings new clutch, tapered head bearings xsjohn needles. It was done, and in my way. Guy rode it and came back with huge smile. He will be here shortly 20181013_121516.jpg 20181013_154113.jpg
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  15. NashGTI

    NashGTI XS650 Enthusiast

    I bought a cheap clubman bar from <deleted> and hated it, so I cut it up. And then I cut the bar that I had before up and made something that I don't hate. That allowed me to lower the front forks since the brake master cylinder was no longer in the way. With all that done I decided to address the headlight and gauges which have bothered me, they just looked too high, made the entire thing look chopperish and I'm not a fan of that. So I made a bracket to hold the instruments, ignition switch, and headlight.

    Attached Files:

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  16. Ipa62

    Ipa62 XS650 Addict

    Was a beautiful day here in the northwest. Went for a ride. Bike ran great. Only problem is my butt is not as young as it used to be.

    Attached Files:

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  17. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    Very nice! You have a beautiful bike!
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  18. Ipa62

    Ipa62 XS650 Addict

    Thanks Mailman. As for all of us, a labor of love. These bikes are fun to ride.
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  19. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    I just went looking for photos of your bike. You should take some nice photos and tell us more about your bikes story. I for one would enjoy hearing about it.
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  20. Ipa62

    Ipa62 XS650 Addict

    Have thought about it. Not a long story, but lots of work. Will keep all posted. Thanks for your interest.
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