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What have you done to your XS today?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by I am Carbon, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Thard89

    Thard89 XS650 New Member

    I used a sway bar disconnect from a wrangler as a brake stay!

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  2. gggGary

    gggGary I'm listening, change my mind XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Heydy Thard89 welcome aboard! More dope on your bike?
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  3. Thard89

    Thard89 XS650 New Member

    She’s almost road worthy, need to finish the rear brake linkage and replace a cam seal. More pics to come
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  4. Thard89

    Thard89 XS650 New Member

    This is the only picture I have

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  5. timbeck

    timbeck XS650 Junkie XS650.com Supporter

    Love the brake arm trick......

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  6. willis

    willis xsive compulsive disorder XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    A couple follow up pics after hitting my valves hard with a wire wheel chucked into my drill press.
    2EC1C779-C2F3-4CC7-B728-7D51B6B21F75.jpeg D335F8BF-B51B-4E3B-9478-2EC1710A3E77.jpeg
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  7. 5twins

    5twins XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    That's looking better but really, the knotted brush in a 4.5" grinder is the hot ticket. It would get the faces even cleaner. The back sides look good but they're not as difficult to clean up. They don't get the baked on carbon coating like the front faces do.
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  8. Triggerton III

    Triggerton III XS650 Enthusiast

    Well I have just picked up engine cases up from the vapour blasters. The cylinders have been bored out to 2nd OS, and new valves have been cut in. Time to start the rebuild. This is my first time I have completely stripped an engine. Now for the hard part. Rebuilding it correctly. Any pearls of wisdom or tips and blessings from the motorbike fairy's are most welcome
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  9. Raymond

    Raymond XS650 rider & fettler XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Search for Jim's top-end rebuild thread and read that. At the end of that day, it's not rocket science. These are fairly simple engines - common sense, being organised and keeping the work area clean will see you through. But if in doubt, you can always post a question - I did that a lot and people were very helpful.
  10. Triggerton III

    Triggerton III XS650 Enthusiast

    IMG-20201128-WA0013.jpeg IMG-20201128-WA0003.jpeg IMG-20201128-WA0011.jpeg IMG-20201128-WA0013.jpeg IMG-20201128-WA0015.jpeg IMG-20201128-WA0017.jpeg IMG-20201128-WA0019.jpeg IMG-20201128-WA0021.jpeg IMG-20201128-WA0024.jpeg

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  11. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    The go to write up.

    Plus, the tech section has much more info, it’s at the top of the screen, just a click away!

    Good Luck Triggorton :)
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  12. scrapmetal

    scrapmetal XS650 Addict XS650.com Supporter

    After a long busy summer at work, first week back in my little shop to continue my XS1 project, ordered the spokes for the TX750 wheels already,
    And the BEST: I stopped earlier today at my mailbox and was able to pick up the Christmas present that I had given to myself,
    the long-awaited XS calendar, (my first), of course small and even bigger boys cannot wait until Christmas and so the masterpiece is already hanging in my office.
    A compliment to everyone who was involved in the construction of the calendar, professionally made with excellent pictures and good descriptions,
    Cheers, Walter
  13. Triggerton III

    Triggerton III XS650 Enthusiast

    i recieved my calendar too. love it. thanks
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  14. buzzword

    buzzword XS650 Addict

    Still waiting on a tank so I can finish up the subframe fab... did manage to passably stick a couple brake hose guides on the Radian swinger with the ol' electric torch...

    Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 3.42.19 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 3.42.01 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 3.44.13 PM.png

    ...and also really managed to screw the pooch on this Hugh's neck brace. Too hot, too slow, not enough filler is my diagnosis.

    Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 3.44.51 PM.png

    Next I need to come up with a brake caliper stay mount and electrically glue that on the swingarm, then it should be good to go.
  15. Triggerton III

    Triggerton III XS650 Enthusiast

    what is the swing arm off Buzzword?
  16. buzzword

    buzzword XS650 Addict

    Yamaha Radian
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  17. Jim

    Jim Beyond the edge is the unknown. Here be Dragons XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Not actually watching you weld.... your puddle ridges are too closely spaced, so you weren't moving the torch forward enough between rod dips.... and the deep undercutting means not enough filler rod. Not to question your knowledge, but you do know that's totally fixable, right? Just redo it with more rod and larger puddle advances. If you still get the some undercutting, reduce your heat slightly.
    Just remember, you didn't screw the pooch if, in the end... it's fixable. :cool:
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2020
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  18. buzzword

    buzzword XS650 Addict

    Thanks for the feedback! Yep, I know it’s fixable, just have to get back over there and do it. My shop is offsite, so getting a hall pass to go over there when the kids (5&2) are at home is not happening.

    If this gives you any indication, my TIG experience is still on my first 40lb argon cylinder. Lots to learn still!
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  19. Jim

    Jim Beyond the edge is the unknown. Here be Dragons XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Yeah... confidence usually shows up somewhere 'tween the second and third bottle. There's no replacement for time behind the torch.
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  20. lakeview

    lakeview XS650 Guru XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Lots to Do
    This is the matching number motor for my '77.
    FWIW, I don't really think having matching numbers on these bikes increases their value very much, but I have the parts to do it and a use for the existing motor, so why not.
    When I bought the bike, the P O had holed a piston during an enthusiastic romp on the 401. During tear down, I saw that the bracket for the kick start return spring was stuck on with jb weld so I have fixed that. Now on to the rest of it.
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