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Wheel hub caps

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Lester, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Lester

    Lester XS650 Junkie

    Hey guys,

    Anybody got any pictures of pizza pan type hub caps in use on an XS.
    I like the looks of this guys rear wheel.... real nice chop in general. :thumbsup:

  2. They look like moon eyes wheel covers....I think they stopped making them though. Kevin Baas makes them to your specs though...could try him.
  3. ^^one of my all time favs...will those work with a mag?
  4. Lester

    Lester XS650 Junkie

    That was my nest question.... lol
    and anybody seen them front and back.
    love the way it looks on the chopper Jamesgs4

    Aha just modified MoonEyes.... 145 BUCKS ! fo'getaboutit!
    OK Whos made some out of pizza pans for 10 Buck
    I plan running 19" front and back anyways so they wount fit....
    (good thing too probably would have bit the bullet and go them) LOL
  5. jamesgs4

    jamesgs4 fuck this, let's ride!

    yeah, the price is what kept me from getting them for a long time. pizza pans are hard to make look good, but they are cheaper.
  6. Lester

    Lester XS650 Junkie

    Here is an idea.... how about cutting out the senter of these old Oldsmobil hub caps... about 50 bucks for 4 of them on E Bay. They look really similat to the Mooneyes ones and much cheaper and more vintage. I'm not a cheap ass I just think Mooneyes are over pricing theres.... Can't cost more than 5 to 6 dollars each to have thouse made up and selling out for over 140 dollars is way high! :eek:

    hubcap olds.jpg

    Any Ideas... anybody want to give it a go...
    I would but I live overseas so I will have to import the hubcaps first....
    Was hopeing a yank would try this out first. :D
  7. Lester

    Lester XS650 Junkie

    Here we go guys.... I found the car type hub trik on one of the bike from the Japanees built Hd on Jockey Journal.... those boys have a style of their own and i really like it.

    Soooooo..... who has an old Pontica hub cap they can measure for me..... ? ? ? Please :D


    Check out this link if interrested in more "Jap" bikes
  8. jamesgs4

    jamesgs4 fuck this, let's ride!

    those are 54 pontiac hub caps, I have considered those as well, but ebay prices are too high.
  9. Lester

    Lester XS650 Junkie

    Yea, but you being a Yank you should be able to find some just sitting around or on a wall in a buddies shop or something of that sorts. Over hear well.... forgetaboutit !
    E-bay are still cheaper than MoonEyes ones

    I am in a huge dilema, I can't deside if I want to go with 19" mag front and back or just stick to 19" mag up front and 16" rear with some sort of disks on them....
    I wish Pontiac had made 19" HubCaps too.... LOL... then I know exactly what I would do...... LOL.... That would KICK ASS !
  10. Lester

    Lester XS650 Junkie

    Hey James,

    I've seen them on Ebay for 25-30 bucks each.... best bet is to buy the ones selling one hubcap.... the sets of four seem to be more expencive.
    Not cheap BUT way cheaper than the moon Eyes ones
  11. cleoncleon

    cleoncleon XS650 Addict

    Yeah Ive been trying to source some of these to modify as well... I got 19's front and back though. .
  12. Lester

    Lester XS650 Junkie

    Hmmm... with 19" you may have to have some made up....
    The Pontiac hubcaps are 15"..... fingers crossed they will fit "inside" the mag without destroing them completely..... then I'll end up getting the Mooneyes ones any ways.... LOL
  13. Lester

    Lester XS650 Junkie

    Anybody know if there is a problem with putting the Mooneys disks on 16" mags....?

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