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XS650 build off and wrap up party?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Irish_prick, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Irish_prick

    Irish_prick master of the cut'n wheel

    ok there's enough people here trick'n out XS's to see if anyone would want to give this a try?

    im think'n of try'n to put togehter a XS650 build off with a wrap up party(over niter camp out)
    im think'n late summer next year have a ride to make sure the bikes are no trailier queen, open to any custom XS650 chop,bob, brat, cafe . you'd post the builds here so everyone can see them and have the event pick 1st threw 3rd and have the best in show picked buy a site only vote. the party would be open to any bike but the build off bike would have to be xs650 powered. i'll try to get some cool prizes donated for the winners. if i can get this off the ground anyone want to throw your name in the hat to build? im think'n 10 to 15 builds to start cuz there will be people drop out over time.

    im start'n this now to try to get it mostly worked out b4 the end of the year so theres time to build. so anyone want to give it a try:shrug:?
  2. x_twig_x

    x_twig_x XS650 Member

    Where about in Ohio would it be, and if I get my bike done I'll would put it in
  3. Tron

    Tron Bearded Sheep Whisperer

    I would so be in if you were on the west coast.

    Big plans for this winters build.
  4. I'm in and can donate some prizes too
  5. racerdave

    racerdave ^ Gone not forgotten ^

    Would this include bike's currently being built, or a start date of ?
  6. Irish_prick

    Irish_prick master of the cut'n wheel

    on the builds just to make it fair i'd say new build or build in the get parts around stage just no i got to put the tank on it and it's done kind of starter. and im in NW ohio but im not say'n the ride or party has to happen here. id like to see as many people make it to this as we can get. and if i have to ride a day or two to get to it i will.

    thanx livingdeadmc, im go'n to hold off on the leftovers build and do it for this. so i just realy need 8 more to get the wheels on this hotrod burn'n rubber? anyone?
  7. Inevitable

    Inevitable XS650 Addict

    Errr...I'm still working out the mechanics of my bike, and have readjusted my build time line to happen through next year...probably starting in November...would I still qualify?
  8. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic

    I'm getting to take my my daily rider off the road and give her a complete makeover. So I'll throw my hat in the ring.:yikes:
    just a sugestion A Party a the Tail of the Dragon gets my vote.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2012
  9. Is it too bold to say I'd like to make the event, wherever it is?

    surely, there'll be a longest traveler's award, yes?
  10. No problem man...it would be a blast...like I said I can throw in some of my JSC Mule Handlebars, JSC aluminum pegs, jockey shift knobs....whatever JumpStreet makes and you need its yours for prizes.
  11. hotrdd

    hotrdd XS650 Junkie

    Is this going to be open to professional XS builders as well or just DYI types? What percentage of the work has to be done yourself? Or maybe a scoring system that is based higher on the work you do yourself???
  12. Ghetto

    Ghetto Bob it!

    Date is the biggest part for me. I have a hardtailed frame, that;s it and I installed the tail last year.
  13. Irish_prick

    Irish_prick master of the cut'n wheel

    im a DYI guy myself i mod or build almost everything on the bike b4 it's said and done. i think if pro guys want in im cool with it. it's just go'n to drive the DYI builders to not cut corners and bring there a+ game.

    so you in?

    need 7 more
    thanx carbon thats a good idea just need to find a place to have the party? anyone got a place around there we can use for the weekend? public camp grounds are ok but most are realy crappy with large groups of bike.

    also open to any other spots anyone has in mind?

    let see a pic? like i said just try'n to keep it on the level.

    i just realy want to see some cool custom xs's and have a reason to go camp with out play'n 20 ?'s with the wife...:laugh: i did the horse's ACO last year and had a blast same basic idea im just not letting someone win cuz of the motor they use. and also im go to build one of my foot clutch mech's and im go'n to talk to a local painter bout some stuff for prizes. so there will be cool stuff to win.

    hadn't thought of that but yeah that would be cool but if we get someone from the west coast or great white north i dont know if texas would take it...:laugh:

    im think'n late August some time, i got a frame and some wheels and a shed full of bullshit. my last build was done in all honesty 5 1/2 months of real work and so if things get move'n and we start the builds in November 10 months is more then enough time.
  14. Irish_prick

    Irish_prick master of the cut'n wheel

  15. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic

    If the tail of the dragon is the spot here is a good place to stay "Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge Cabins, Rooms, & Campground"
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2012
  16. Pov76

    Pov76 XS650 Addict

    Id be in.... I could also throw in a seat if you needed a giveaway seat if you need some prizes

    Posted via Mobile
  17. Pov76

    Pov76 XS650 Addict

    Just started putting my frame together. Don't know if that falls in the already being build catagory

    Posted via Mobile
  18. Irish_prick

    Irish_prick master of the cut'n wheel

    Cool thats 4 need six more!

    and i be send'n P.M. out bout the prizes and awards one we get all ten builders rounded up
  19. Irish_prick

    Irish_prick master of the cut'n wheel

    after think'n alittle deals gap is cool but we got to rember to try to keep this shit fun and safe for everyone. long choppers with shit brake suck on the dragon and i'd like to keep all the parts on the bikes not in the trees if someone builds something like that.
  20. Irish_prick

    Irish_prick master of the cut'n wheel

    i know that there's some stuff some guys just cant do. alot of guys dont do motor work some can only buy frames and hardtail its a build wat you can of thing. but if you got to buy stuff it's cool just dont flip open a parts catalog from TCbro's and think you go'n to win
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2012

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