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xs650 need to have the comp to run?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Alphaogre, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Alphaogre

    Alphaogre XS650 Member

    I got my hands on a 82 Xs650 motor and right now I just have the motor with spark plugs and I have the carbs on their way...what im wondering is what I will need electronically to make it run, more so if it needs a comp to run the plugs or if I can bypass it.

    Id like to have the motor run as simple as possible. I’m just going to run a head light and a tail light, then just would like to use the kick start and enough to charge the batt.
  2. inxs

    inxs xx

    - comp?
    - is this a points or electronic ign engine - check by opening the round covers above the sparkplugs...a points ign will have points behind the lhs and an advance unit behind the right...if its points and the charging system works you will need a regulator/rectifier, an inline fuse,coils, condensers and a fully charged battery to get it running...if youre not worried about charging then a full battery, coils and condensers will do it

    - if its electronic then you will need the dreaded and much feared blackbox, a functioning alternator(here is where the ign pickup is), coil etc and a full battery or convert it to points simply by adding the missing parts-advance, rod, points (no big deal)

    - if youre really looking at minimising your electrics do the rd permanant magnet alternator conversion and run batteryless kickstart--a double lobe single points system is the easiest roadside repair possibility ever
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2009
  3. Alphaogre

    Alphaogre XS650 Member

    yea sorry, comp as in Computer....

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. ardcorechoppers

    ardcorechoppers XS650 Enthusiast

    That black box is not a computer..its an ignitor box.
    and yes you will need it. boyer makes an electronic ignition and the box is much smaller..
  5. If you're sure the motor is an 82, then it probably didn't come with points if it's a U.S. model. As inxs said, check under the left and right chrome covers above the spark plugs. If there is pretty much nothing under them, then you don't have points.

    I'm going to assume you are pretty new to motorcycle mechanics with the following explanation, so forgive me if I made an incorrect assumption. Here’s a very simplified explanation

    You have a motor and carbs and spark plugs. You need the coil that gives the power to make the spark plugs actually spark. You also need something to tell the coil when to fire. This is where the points/igniter box/boyer ignition/pamco ignition you are hearing about come into play. To tell the coils when to fire, you need a way to determine where the motor is in its cycle. This is either done using the cam or the crank. You also need a way to advance the spark as the rpm increase. This can be done mechanically or electronically. All of the different systems you are hearing about use a combination of these to provide the signal to tell the coil to fire at the proper time.

    Points (72-79) use the cam for the engine position, and a mechanical advance.

    TCI (transistor controlled ignition, 80-83 models, also called the black box or igniter box) use a pick up on the alternator (crank) to get the position of the motor and use the black box to figure out the advance.

    Boyer ignitions use the cam for the pick up signal and use an electronic box to digitally advance the spark

    Pamco ignitions use the cam for the pick up signal and use the stock advance.

    So assuming you don’t have points, you need a coil, and one of the above ignitions systems, a voltage regulator/rectifier, and a battery (unless you plan on doing a permanent magnet alternator conversion). That will get your motor running. Whether you use a starter or not will play into what battery/alternator setup you end up using but I wouldn’t worry about that or wiring it all up just yet. Look through some of the simplified wiring diagrams that inxs posted and just focus on the ignition stuff for now.
  6. crash

    crash XS650 Junkie

    thats some good help you gave there travis
  7. Why thank you.... It's a pretty basic explanation but people have to start somewhere. It's like trying to figure out jetting without understanding how a carb works... not going to happen. A basic understanding of the various systems in a motorcycle is key when trying to figure out or troubleshoot anything.
  8. Alphaogre

    Alphaogre XS650 Member

    Yea, this is my first time with an older motor, ive worked with new dirt bikes in bother 2 and 4 strokes, but nothing this old.

    And yes, the motor is a 82. I got the vin off the block and had Yamaha run it. so I at least know that much...:D

    I'll check out what you said...thanks
  9. Got any pics of this project? Or do you really just have a motor right now?
  10. Alphaogre

    Alphaogre XS650 Member

    so i pulled those covers off and there was pretty much nothing in there. you can see a pic of it below..

    now I just need to know what to get...i don't plan on running a starter, and I will run one tail light and one head light. Trying to keep it as simple as possible. I would like to run a small as possible battery since space is limited.

    Thanks for the help!
  11. inxs

    inxs xx

    - basically i guess it depends on your legal requirements and if you need a standlight...if you need one you will require a battery, if not you can go batteryless if you use a permanent magnet alternator...if you go TCI electronic ign you will need a battery, if you go points or pamco you wont need a battery but will need to get the advance unit that goes in the above empty space...for clean lines and space issues batteryless good
  12. Alphaogre

    Alphaogre XS650 Member

    well the frame that i modified is a 72 enduro frame...and thats the vin that will be registered, so i think i will be able to get away with having less on the bike...

    I would like to be able to not have to run a battery, but is that magnet alt what comes on the motor stock? or something i would have to replace?

    Really I would like to do the easiest set up possible to get it running.
  13. inxs

    inxs xx

    - then stick to the original alternator, run a battery, if you dont have a TCI you could think about getting the advance unit and points
  14. Alphaogre

    Alphaogre XS650 Member

    ok, that sounds good...

    i suck at electrical stuff. Can i get a list of what i should buy?

    This is what i have on my list so far.

    - spark plugs obviously (already have some)
    - batt
    - regulator box
    - ignitor coil
    - spark plug wires

    im probably going to buy it all form mikes

    what am i missing or have wrong?
  15. Buy a Pamco high output set up from mikes, a banshee rotor, Mr Riggs adapter plate, VF500 stator, VF500 Reg/rect, 25v 10,000uf capacitor and do the Perm mag conversion. That should get it running.
  16. roughneck9193

    roughneck9193 XS650 Member

    Ok well I have a 75 and I beloved it has points system what do I need to jun the bike same as him I just need head light n tail light for my bobber all and any help would be great thanks

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  17. roughneck9193, You'd probably get a better response by starting your own thread if you haven't already. :twocents:

    This thread is relatively old and somewhat unrelated to what you are asking.
  18. roughneck9193

    roughneck9193 XS650 Member

    Ya iv tried but thanks anyways
  19. gggGary

    gggGary I'm listening, change my mind XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

  20. :mad:bought a 80 & 81 xs 650 one runs ok & the other skips at acceleration the bike idles fine I took carbs apart cleaned out jets & passages but wont accelerate doesn't seem to run over 4000 rpm but will go at normal speed on road im new to this bike as mybest skills are with the Honda cb 4CYLS I DO 10 SETS OF CARBS A YEAR ON THE BIKES I RESTORE vacuum slides are new for me any help is greatly appreciated so im not chasing my tail forever thanks Chuck

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