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Wanted - Z-bars 7/8

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Izzy, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Looking for some Z-bars 7/8 will have to be shipped to Canada thankyou

    KUSHLIFE XS650 Addict

    i can build you some- actually building mine this weekend let me know and i can send you a pic of finished product and see if you want some as well
  3. Sure pics would be great i am looking for something like LA Choppers Outlaw Z-Bar thankyou and could you give me an idea of price thankyou.

    KUSHLIFE XS650 Addict

    ok, let me know what height, width, and pull back you want. just looked em up. what i'm building is a little different- 90 degrees up from bars and prob 80 degrees to grips. i should be able to make em like the la choppers style tho with your specs.

  5. Width: 31.5", Center Width: 5 1/8" Usable, Height: 2.75", Pullback: 3" i also Live in Canada so i would need to no price with shipping please.

    KUSHLIFE XS650 Addict

    sounds good. are you looking for the real dramatic angles like the la choppers or more straight up? just need to know little details like this is all. going out of town for weekend, send you a pic of what i made yesterday when back in town. oh are you wanting these raw steel, painted or podwercoated or chromed?

  7. Dramatic like la choppers would be great powdercoated black also but i am on a budget and a ballpark price would be great i do not want to waste your time thankyou

    KUSHLIFE XS650 Addict

    hey izzy, sorry for late response, my body shop has been crazy busy. so, i could prob do your bars for $90-100 + shipping. we're in the process of pricing our bars for production and custom right now. powder coating is something i'm trying to work out with a powder coater since i don't do that. i could however paint them with a single stage satin black for an additional $30. i just did my shaved fork legs & shaved trees that way and they look great, will be doing my personal bars the same way. not as durable as powder coat but have had great durability using it for years now on many applications. can you send me your reg email so i can send you a pic of what i made last week and the fork legs so you can see paint? my next steel order is coming next monday and will be working on bars the following sat and sunday. we're also going to be producing custom twisted steel fender strut rods & mid control pegs if that interests you. can send you a pic of those as well next weekend.
    cheers, michael
  9. Hey did you get some z-bars? I have a chromed 7/8 Z i'll let go for $75 shipping included.

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