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New Profile Posts

  1. Old RT3 Guy
    Old RT3 Guy
    Still shopping for a clean '74 TX650.
  2. Orion61
    Lucky to have a wife that will allow a bike in the house!
  3. Orion61
    Working on A 650 Special, 1981 as a winter project, in my 4 season room.
  4. 2BallCane
    2BallCane Downeaster
    Hey there fellow Mainer!
  5. BowlingSS
    Love the XS650’s.
  6. cafetools
    xs650 standard and honda CB twin collector!
  7. rshane53
    Today is my birthday, going for a ride on my 77. Perfect day.
  8. Adamc
    Never Satisfied
  9. nj1639
    Do you own a doghouse? RIP Norm Macdonald.
  10. sailorsam
    sailorsam TwoManyXS1Bs
    how can I get one of your aluminum clutch pushrods? or was that not one of your projects?
  11. AleXS
    AleXS Jan_P
    Hi Jan, I cannot find the way to install the R/R on my bike despite all the explanations I got.
    Would it be possible, if you're not on holidays, to have a WhatsApp video conversation, il order to show you the stuff?
    There is no hurry.
    1. Jan_P
      Sorry no WhatsApp
      please give bike type year and a link to R /R and description of current status .. In thread ... I can then via a schematic describe what wire goes where. Jan
      Aug 14, 2021
  12. YammieBruh
    Front axel
  13. dubepj
    dubepj DogBunny
    Some one said you sell TCI units. Any left for sale. I'm interested.
  14. BowlingSS
    I sold mine on eBay for $4150. It was listed for just a few days.
  15. scanney
    scanney BowlingSS
    Hello, did you ever sell your XS2? I have mine for sale now. A lot of likes but no real action. I may sell by auction later this summer if it doesn't sell.
  16. sweatybetty89
    nothing like the sound of a broke free bolt....
    1. gggGary likes this.
  17. YamahaSpecial
    Looking forward to a rebuild
  18. thenarrowboatman
    The devil is in the detail
  19. Jim
    Anyone ever read this section?
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    2. gggGary
      Jun 4, 2021
      Paul Sutton, Team Junk and Jim like this.
    3. Team Junk
      Team Junk
      Looks like just the cool kids.
      Jun 4, 2021
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    4. Paul Sutton
      Paul Sutton
      At least 3 cool kids.
      Jun 4, 2021
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  20. Team Junk
    Team Junk
    And so it goes. Linda Ellerbee