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New Profile Posts

  1. YamahaSpecial
    Looking forward to a rebuild
  2. thenarrowboatman
    The devil is in the detail
  3. Jim
    Anyone ever read this section?
  4. Team Junk
    Team Junk
    And so it goes. Linda Ellerbee
  5. HOTEL71
    Measure twice cut once!
  6. ShaggyMech
    Tx750 crazy. Anyone have a starter mechanism let me know.
  7. Niels B
    Niels B
    don't fix it if it isn't broke
  8. kevinxs1d
    No spark again?
  9. andy2175m4
    andy2175m4 Mikuni-Man
    Hi Mikuni Man, I have had the same carbs on my 650 for 46 years, worked well until now, sat for a year due to pandmic, gas gummed up and corroded carbs, I cleaned carbs thoroughly, but now it wont start. looks to me like a classic tiny passage somewhere is clogged, any ideas on how to clean out the carb passages ? All else is now cleaned up and looks good, but wont start. TIA, Andy
  10. QWERTYMage
    QWERTYMage Team Junk
    Hey hey. My phone number is 214-535-2172. I can meet you in Fredericksburg, Austin, or anywhere in between.

    If you want to see photos of the wheels, let me know. I can also take close-ups of the tires if you would like.
  11. MaxPete
    MaxPete TwoManyXS1Bs
    Hi Steve: I have been wondering where / how you are doing?
    You OK?
    1. TwoManyXS1Bs
      Hey, Pete!
      Just lost in a quagmire.
      It's dark in here...
      Jan 31, 2021
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  12. Wingedwheel
    Two HD’s, two Yamahas and a Honda plus the wife’s twins make 6
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  13. Machine
    Stop procrastinating, Starting tomorrow
    1. gggGary
      Was going to invite you to the club but can't find a round tuit.
      Feb 14, 2021
  14. buzzword
    audible eyeroll.
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  15. Teddytootired
    Been There
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  16. MaxPete
    Still working on the 3-chicks build - but the CVMG Paris National Rally has been cancelled for 2020 - who knows about 2021?
  17. MaxPete
    till working on the 3-chicks build - but the CVMG Paris National Rally has been cancelled for 2020 - who knows about 2021?
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  18. Shipper
    Shipper lakeview
    Hey Lakeview gggGary recommended I reach out to you regarding my effort to obtain shifter forks for my tranny rebuild. Its a 1975xs650B and unfortunately there is no tab to attach pics until you respond. I need the three, four and five forks with the five being the most worn. Let me know if you have something on hand. Much appreciated. I'm just up the road 3 hours in Omemee.
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  19. jgimar
    jgimar gggGary
    Gary, heard tell you tuned a couple of 38 round slides for one of your 650’s. Can ya fill me in? I have a couple i’m trying to get to work and am having trouble. Any help thanks.
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  20. Grimmith
    Finally had time to make my e-box and batt. box mounts. Now to just do a bit more welding and I can get it painted and put back together.
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