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Ready to weld.

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Swingarm extension

How to install the new swingarm extension by Ranger Machine.
Very interesting combination of retro by the use of early style swing arm, and new age design aesthetic from the recycling school of thought. This one is a keeper.
Now, I am no engineer and I would not pretend to be one. A sculptor by trade, I've got a pretty good eye for predicting whether something is built for the millennium or if it will go ass over tin cups in short order.
The fabrication work by Ranger looks heavy duty, a lot like the professional output done by some of our local talent. This makes the pivot end look frail in comparison. The AMA published a design for a swing arm brace many years ago that was exceedingly simple. Cut 3 pieces of 0.25"x0.50" steel. One about 7" the other two about 12". Weld the big ones to the swing arm leg bottom sides, weld the small one to the bottom of the pivot tube. Adjust these dimensions to get a macho American design and you are there.
My Q is how much $ and how much longer than stock are they?
Do you still make these? Any idea if they would fit on a 1980 Suzuki gs550. Been looking all over for something like this so I can keep the stock set up but get the stretched look.

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