XS650 1977 Custom

XS650 1977 Custom

Awesome build you have there. This gives me some inspiration for my first xs650 project. how sturdy is the frame?
The frame is at least if not more sturdy as it was before the mods.
The Ninja 600 shock is attached to a modified rear motor mount.
It doesn't have to be too much different than the original XS mount, just extended backward to mount the shock. The lower suspension arm is attached to a very strong bolt attached to the original jack-stand supports. I used a bolt with a stainless sleeve over the bolt .
The dog-bones fit just fine unless you want the bike to sit higher or lower.
The GPz550 swing arm bolts into the frame just like the original XS650 swing arm.
I ain't kidding, this is one of the most obvious mods for the x650.
The forks fit well but had to get 2 sets of Magna head bearings to use the larger of the two with the R! forks triple tree.
This frame has a lot of steel in the rear, I see you shaved off the subframe nice and tidy also. IT looks light. What does it weigh in at?
I have not weighed the bike but without the starter and twin shocks located above the axles the bike feels significantly lighter than mt stock 1977 XS650

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