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    Right side crank case gasket

    An important aspect of sealing an oil bearing cover like this is to use a torque wrench and make all the screws/bolts the same tightness. Making them super tight doesn't seal things, making them all the same does. The fasteners for this cover (and most of the others on the bike) are an M6 size...
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    Alternator modification by ungrounding the brush and using a solid state regulator/rectifier.

    But both brushes in your set-up don't carry current, only the inner one does. The outer one is fed a regulated ground (switched on and off) by the regulator. When the regulator senses the battery charge is too low, it sends a ground to the outer brush. This completes the circuit, energizes the...
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    What have you done to your XS today?

    TW, your ignition switch is from a Standard model. See post #8 here ..... Like many, it seems you didn't do a 100% refurb job, not cleaning and lubing the lock cylinder itself. They usually need this and can be pretty crusty .....
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    BS 34 carburetors

    I've never seen a plastic part or switch plate like those. Must be a "Euro" switch? You can mix and swap parts. I'd take the best from both and try to make one good one.
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    BS 34 carburetors

    I'd suggest taking both your extra switches apart. There may be worn parts in the one that has no position "clicks", notably the plastic bumps on the back of the contact "spinner" ..... These fall into notches on the metal plate above the "spinner" and that's what gives you the various...
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    New addition to the garage…

    Yes, check the coil specs, but I would assume with it running points that the coil would just be a standard points type with 4 to 5 ohms resistance. But I'm also assuming you'd need three? I'm sure someone like Dyna or Accel makes replacements but it's gonna cost, lol.
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    Cam chain tension

    Also, the fact that your cam chain isn't a very good fit onto the sprocket teeth (your first pic), being loose and not fitting into the teeth well, is another indication that the chain is all stretched out.
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    So it begins.....

    You can build one for less than $5 .....
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    ‘78 XS650E total rebuild

    Yes, you jet these carbs, or base your re-jetting on the year of the carb set, not the year of the bike you're putting them on. The main and pilot jet sizes are tailored to the needle and needle jet sizes and chosen to work with them.
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    Cam chain tension

    The advice I always give about the type D tensioner is to upgrade it to a type E. It's a simple, inexpensive parts swap that gives you back the lock nut. See post #22 .....
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    ‘78 XS650E total rebuild

    It looks like you have a '74-'75 carb set there so that's what you will need to base your jetting on.
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    Cam chain tension

    Yes, your adjuster looks to be screwed in an awful lot. I'd say your cam chain is pretty stretched out. I'd replace it if it was me. If that motor has anywhere near 20K miles on it, it's pretty common to find the chain all stretched out. It's not that the chains are of poor quality, it's just...
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    TCI Replacement 2020 It Works

    Yes, the drain notch at the bottom of the cover. But, according to Pamcopete, the left side of the notch is full advance, so that would be about 40°. I'm thinking 35° would be more to the right side of the notch .....
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    2003 Royal Enfield 500 Deluxe

    OK, and that is what exactly?
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    The Patience build.

    Yes, the dry clutch plates are probably sticking together more than they will once bathed in oil. Even filled with oil, I still find the bike will "tug" ahead sometimes when dropped into first for the first time after starting. Guess the plates are sticking a little from sitting still. So, I'll...