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    stainless headers and chrome mufflers

    Just polish the ss pipes whenever required. I often use a piece of lightweight ratchet strap and Autosol. Quick and easy.
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    Can't refit front caliper after wheel removal

    Did you tighten the axle clamp at the bottom of the LH fork slider before tightening the axle nut? If so, loosen the axle clamp and pump the fork a few times, before tightening it again.
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    New 700cc Outfit

    Signal, your comment about reproduction cylinders makes me wonder. OEM Yamaha cylinders did have cast in liners that could not be pressed out, even if using heat. So if the liners would slip, then the design was altered by whoever made the repops. What the aftermarket SHOULD DO, both for RDs and...
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    crank only rotates 340 degrees

    Could be the holes were used or intended for springs holding exhaust pipes into slip fit spigots/ flanges. Maybe more common for 2 stroke chambers, but also used on some 4 stroke exhausts. Or for lockwiring. Could this engine have been used in a race bike?
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    Width of brake "pad track" or "swept area" on the 72-76 models

    Could I ask you with the early models for the width of the "pad track", measured from the disc OD to the inside edge of the brake pad? (The pads and pistons are 48 mm IIRC, so I expect this measurement to be around 50-51 mm, but would like to have it confirmed) I am ordering a new disc for my...
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    Wheel size advise for a newbie please

    Sounds like you have one 18" rim and one 19". That would normally be 18" for rear wheel and. 19" front. The rim diameter is measured inside the flange, where the tyre bead sits.
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    Do you trust your torque wrench?

    Yes, both mine are fairly new, only used by me, always wound down after each use, and stored in dry and heated garage.
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    Chain guard build.

    Aluminium, I guess? 2 or 3 mm thick? I have the same problem with my shock springs being too large in diameter for the stock chain guard. One more thing to look into....
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    Whats your weather right now?

    Today is a wonderful spring day here in Northern Norway. Blue skies, still snow on the mountains and fields. Warm enough to have breakfast and enjoy a mug of coffee on my East facing deck/ porch. Even did some plinking with my CZ .22 rifle from the porch. Nice to live out in the sticks some days 😁
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    Front disk brake lever movement.

    Yes, you are correct that the stock MC is 5/8"/ 16 mm. And that is far from optimal for a single caliper, at least when using modern, braided brake lines. (A smaller MC will increase the pressure, so more likely to "balloon" 70s style brake lines) But my experience, and that of many others is...
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    Front disk brake lever movement.

    A good 13 mm MC should work perfectly fine with the 72-76 caliper with opposing 48 mm pistons. In fact, on my 74 RD350 with the exact same caliper, I use a 13 mm Brembo MC ("coffin type" reservoir), however with a ss braided teflon lined single brake line. The OEM brake light switch is no...
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    What have you done to your XS today?

    Did you try moving the tyre on the rim? Or even just notice the red dot (heaviest spot) or yellow dot (lightest spot) on the tyre?
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    What have you done to your XS today?

    XS500 tank?
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    What have you done to your XS today?

    Suddenly I found my long lost "Rewiring Round Tuit". Somehow it has been AWOL for way too long.... Anyway, the OEM -77 wiring harness is now in a cardboard box, together with the alternator, reg/ rect, etc. So now I have mounted the M-Unit, a new starter relay, and the Vape reg/ rect. And just...
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    What have you done to your XS today?

    Just set the tappets, using the clearance specs from the early models, on Howard Smed's recommendation. (0.15/ 0.30 mm or 6/ 12 thou.) The reasoning behind that makes perfect sense to me.