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    Vintage style bobber build

    Very very well written and well executed. I think that is the first scratch built tank I have seen on the site. I found it very interesting. I am thinking this bike may get one of my nominations for the community calendar. Thanks again for sharing.
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    Vintage style bobber build

    I just find the process of the builds as interesting as the end results quite often. What issues arise and how the builder solves/overcomes them. The one thing of great interest on your bike would be the homemade gas tank. Mainly because it is hand built and not bought. Also not something that...
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    Elbow joints are unnecessary, apparently.

    Same here for you Togl. I am amazed ar what you accomplish with your limitations. There are a few others on the site that astound me as well with their accomplishments while battling health issues. I am praying for your health and relief of your pain. Best of luck.
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    Vintage style bobber build

    Outstanding !! Truly gorgeous build. I love the design concept of an early board tracker. Unusal and very clean. Obviously loaded with top shelf parts.. But far more than that the quality of your paint, powdercoat and design make the machine gleam. You definitely have a stunning example. Would...
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    Just Ride.

    Must have been the wind whispering... Better check the fit on your helmet.
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    Gas tank stickers or graphics

    I'm thinking you achieved your goal. Bike looks good. It definitely looks sporty. Well done.
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    1972 xs650

    Welcome to the forum D! Sounds like you are off to a good start. This forum is the absolute best for all things xs650. There are many gurus here with an immense amount of knowledge about these bikes that are genuinely interested in helping others like yourself work their way through problems and...
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    May 5th – 8th, 2022 Ozarks Rally VI, Mountain View, Arkansas.

    Super Cool @rhkansas. Great pics. I really missed not making it even if I had no bike ready. The goal is to finish my build and ride it next year at this event. Thanks for sharing the awesome pics. That is a nice parade of 650s
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    A 5 bike collection

    Sounds like a name for the bike. Octopussy
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    A 5 bike collection

    But it looks purty....
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    A 5 bike collection

    That is known as a tease.
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    For Sale - 1972 Yamaha GS650 (XS650 w/factory 750cc engine)

    LOL There is no debate Scob. Just been a handful of members trying to help you wrap your head around reality. Some of your statements make it appear that you are more interested in trolling, preferring contradiction and wandering down the path of idiocy. Follow the science??? First you would...
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    For Sale - 1972 Yamaha GS650 (XS650 w/factory 750cc engine)

    Ok Scob. I'm going to try this one last time. You can indeed advertise your 427 corvette as a 454 corvette if indeed the engine in it is now a 454. If that is the case it would be incorrect to advertise it as a 427 since it is no longer a 427. You could NOT legitimately advertise it as a FACTORY...
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    The Punisher

    Project has been in a holding pattern. Installed new front door and had some repairs on the front porch which has of course turned into a complete makeover of sorts. Most all of that has been completed excepting the fresh paint but most of the caulking, cleaning, and scraping has been done. Also...
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    For Sale - 1972 Yamaha GS650 (XS650 w/factory 750cc engine)

    Very basically... And I believe this has already been covered in this thread in greater detail as well as mentioned by Jesse above; you remove the cylinder sleeves from the cylinders and then bore the cylinders to accommodate an 80mm sleeve. Install the sleeves with the matching 80mm pistons and...